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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Where Are You Mr. Prime Minister?

It's been more than 16 hours since the brutal crackdown took place on Baba Ramdev's Satyagraha.  We have seen Digvijay Singh, Kapil Sibal, Pawan Kumar Bansal, and Subodh Kant Sahay all coming out and justifying their barbaric act in the darkness of midnight.  Well, understood that India's Prime Minister is a busy man but is he so busy that when entire nation is beginning to involve in a nation-wide debate on people's freedom to protest, shouldn't we expect you to come at least once in front of India and tell us what you think of all that happened within the last 16 hours. Is he waiting for a volcano to explode or is he just testing the extent of the patience of common man?  Where are you, Mr. Prime Minister? Why are you sending out your representatives to come out and talk to media? 

We all Indians want to see you come in front and explain and justify whatever drama we have been seeing for the last three days.  We don't want to hear Mr. Kapil Sibal's skilled legal language, we don't want to hear Mr. Digvijay Singh's totally unethical language.  What we really want is that the Prime Minister and the Home Minister of India come forward in front of the nation and explain The Great Indian Tamasha that we have been seeing for the last three days.

What you think guys?  Am I asking for too much?

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Baba Ramdev Is A Thug - Congress Thinks So

After last night mayhem in Ramlila Maidan resulting in the detention of Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, Congress finally justified its action on the entire Satyagraha and very surprisingly (!!!) asked their fire-mouth Digvijay Singh to be their official spokesperson.  That means we can assume that whatever Digvijay Singh said reflects what our Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh asked him to say.  So, why not our great PM himself or Congress President Sonia Gandhi Ji herself came in front of the media and said what Digvijay Singh said.

Anyway, Digvijay Singh openly termed Baba Ramdev as the biggest "Thug" and so the treatment had been rendered to him that a Thug deserves to get.  Now, this has opened a "Pandora Box" and have raised many a question that our Great Prime Minister ought to answer.

According to Digvijay Singh, Baba Ramdev has been cheating million of people around the globe for the last one decade in the name of yoga so there should be an inquiry established against him.  Now, my question is Sir, why you kept silent for the last one decade and let this man cheat million of people for one decade?  Why suddenly you felt the need today only to cry out against him?  Were you afraid of this Yogi throwing you out of the throne?  If he managed to amass thousands of crores of rupees in the last one decade, why you let this happen for one decade?  Why only today you woke up from your sleep?

Second question he raised that Baba Ramdev does not know any yoga and just fooling people by teaching them all "ulta pulta" yogasana.  Now, that is some serious allegation because Baba Ramdev is the biggest exponent of Yoga in Modern India after Swami Vivekananda and the entire world recognizes this. That means the Congress leaders are simply denying the very existence of Yoga which dates back to thousands of glorious Indian years.

Have they really gone out of their mind?  I don't know what happened in the midnight last night was correct or a blunder from the Congress leaders.  But, to put Digvijay Singh in front of the media to justify their action on Congress' behalf (Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi), I think this is biggest blunder they have made or should I say they are committing a Harakiri.

I think the entire nation needs to participate in this debate if indeed Baba Ramdev is a Thug or if the Congress Party has become overconfident after their recent state assembly victories in Assam and Kerala that they can do anything and still can justify it.

Is Baba Ramdev a Thug?

© 2011 Ranjan Kumar

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Yoga Guru -- The Fast and Furious - But Why?

The coolest Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has suddenly become the hottest man in the hot summer of Delhi Ramleela Ground after finally sitting on fast that has become the the real IN thing to do these days. Suddenly, Indians have waken up from their long siesta after 63 years of independence that we really need to hang all the dishonest individuals in India. Perfect remedy to solve our growing population issue from the Yoga Guru - hang entire India after all there are only two honest people in India, Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare.  The Fast and Furious Yoga Guru has given us some big questions to think and answer - do we really need this all today?  Is this really practical to ban 500 and 1000 rupees note?  Can you quantify the number of dishonest people in India and how?  Because many times our esteemed judicial bodies give clean cheats to many politicians involved in many scams like Laloo Yadav, Shibu Soren, and so much more, then are they really honest and should not be hanged?

Baba Ramdev, if you can really answer these questions, we are all behind your movement, but if you cannot, please do something better and it's my humble request to the great Indian news media like Aajtak, Star News, and Zee News to please show us something new rather than one Deepak Chourasia sitting in the pandal and giving us live broadcast of Baba Ramdev's first and second and third and fourth....hours of Anshan.  Please give us a break...we are too tired to see all this Tamasha.

I know this poll may enrage many of the Baba Ramdev's staunch supporters, but I think in free India, everyone has the freedom to voice his Baba has chosen the path of Satyagraha, I have chosen my way of blogging.  It's people to decide what they want to do and that is what I am doing.

© 2011 Ranjan Kumar

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Star News v/s Speak Asia - The Inside Story

The war has begun between a media giant and an online giant.  Both are stalwarts in their own field and have created a niche for them in their respective field. So, why the spat?  Why they are after each other?  I do smell a rat, but would like to gather a lot of opinions before coming out to a conclusion.  So, please feel free to participate in the survey and give your honest opinion and be ready for the most sensational exposure.

Star News Behind Speak Asia, Why?

© 2011 Ranjan Kumar

Fast Unto Death - New Buzzword in Indian Politics

Social activist, Anna Hazare created quite a stir when he sat down on hunger strike until the Indian Government finally gave in to his demands to enact a new law to fight corruption called Lokpal Bill.  The little-known social activist shot to fame as entire India stood up in support of this little man giving a new dimension to the hitherto tolerant Indian youth upping their arms in support of a clean and corruption-free India.

Now, taking cues from the stupendous success of Anna Hazare, his staunch supporter in the movement, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has now threatened to go on fast until his four-point demands are met primarily targeted to bring back billions of India black money stacked abroad particularly in Swiss banks.  The four-point demands are basically bring back black money worth more than 400 lakh crores lying in Swiss banks and other international banks, bring down the circulation of high-denomination Indian currencies particularly 500 and 1000 rupees notes to decrease the circulation of black money in the market, quick drafting of a strong will against corruption, and to resend United Nations Convention Against Corruption Agreement.

Now, fasting is not a new word to Indians.  In fact, our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi brought the concept of Satyagraha or hunger strike to unite millions of Indians to fight back British by enacting a total nonviolent approach which is widely considered unique and the most successful in world history.  But, for the last 63 years since independence, Indian politics went through drastic changes and the Satyagraha or hunger strike started going into oblivion replaced by the new-age Indian politics of corruption, goons, ransom, scams, maoism, naxalism.

But, thanks to Anna Hazare, Indian politics now seems to go back to its strongest roots of clean, corruption-free, Gandhian ideology which we Indians are revered across the globe.  Hope this new buzzword in Indian politics "Fast Unto Death" will bring us back into reckoning on the global platform.

© 2011 Ranjan Kumar

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No Tobacco Day - May 31 - Cancer Cures Smoking.

World No Tobacco Day, May 31 - perhaps the most important day on this planet is celebrated across the globe not with stinking breath but with fresh air breath.  Let's make a resolve today not to smoke and save a fortune.

Please spread the message across the globe:

Be Cool - Don't Be a Smoking Fool.
Be smart don't start.
Breathe healthily, live happily.
Cancer cures smoking.
Chicks really dig pre-cancerous lungs.
Cigarettes burn holes in your pocket.
Cough twice for Philip Morris.
Did you know your mouth is on fire?
Don't be a butthead. Smoking kills.
Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray.


© 2011 Ranjan Kumar

Sunday, May 29, 2011

After Speak Asia, Survey Companies Mushrooming

Snugg iPad 2 Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand for the Apple iPad 2 (Black)National Geographic
Though Speak Asia has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently, but it's stupendous success has given many individuals the idea to start their own survey companies.  In fact in the last month only, so many clone survey companies have emerged, like,, and to name a few, and some even offering like cracked code for Speak Asia panel membership so that you can become a Speak Asia panel member for free.

In fact, I will give you some comments that have been posted on my earlier blogs on Speak Asia that will give you some idea about how these clone companies are trying to take advantage of the famous (or infamous) Speak Asia now.  Just have a look at a couple of comments below.

"Why invest such huge amount, when you can join free and earn bigger amount of money.  Earn Rs.10, 000 minimum per month doing online survey. No money to invest.  An international market research company dedicated to providing their clients with the consumer information. Company having registered office at Singapore .Simply register to become a member & log in to your a/c and earns Rs.300 – 400 daily. The data that is collected through these surveys provides the companies with information on buying trends, consumer preferences and opinions regarding to improvements or new innovations of products and services."

Or the other one, which is even more SENSATIONAL  "Join Speak Asia free.  This is the cracked code friends.  Just copy this link in your browser,  then register. After registration, you will be automatically directed as a valid member of Speak Asia. (Note: within 1 minute of your registration conformation of ipanel online just press ctrl +2598+speakasia , you will be automatically directed as a valid member of Speak Asia. )

It seems like ipanelonline is trying to take full advantage of "Behti Ganga Mein Hath Dho Lo" or "Make Hay While The Sun Shines" and one can't blame them really also because after all everyone wants to be successful.

THE MOST INTEREST|ING COMMENT, "As for star news .. well they just launched there new crap called Star panel .. same survey thing .. where you get no survey right now .. why? because Speak Asia never disclosed the secret about their client , otherwise they would have stolen that as well."  

So, even Star News wants to ride on the success of Speak Asia which they themselves tried to finish off.  That will raise many eyebrows...wat say guys.

© 2011 Ranjan Kumar

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Three Really Cool Ads

A really cool ad by the makers of EPhone just have a look at it.

Google Can Save You
Choke It Out

Flexible Ultimum

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Speak Asia Speaks Out

Survey Research MethodsApple MacBook MC516LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop
This may bring a few smiles to the lakhs of proud Speak Asians after a soothing clarification came from Speak Asian CEO that all is not that bad with them.  After the reported news about United Overseas Bank (UOB) of Singapore freezing the bank accounts of Speak Asia, the Website official clarified on Friday that their account in Singapore has not been frozen but that it is only moving its company account to another bank.  "We are approaching and evaluating various other Banks in Singapore from where we will soon be able to disburse the payments to all panelists," Speak Asia's India CEO Manoj Kumar said.  He also emphasized that, "Also, we would like to reassure that the panelists’ money is safe! Towards this, we are trying to open an escrow account in order to further protect their interests."

So, what's next now?  Well, the panelists have no other options but to wait with bated breaths when their next  payment comes.  It might be too soon or never.  But, still will give them a glimmer of hope that all is not gone and Speak Asia is not dying.  They are hoping that it will come out stronger and bigger, and I give them my best wishes that they get their money back.

The only thing that bemuses me is that if there was nothing right with their operational method and they have publicly apologized for that as well as accepted that they are not a survey company but rather one of the Ponzi company which works on the same age-old method, get money from the member, ask the member to bring more members and thus more money, then pay back the old member a fraction of money from the new members, and let it go as long as the money is there or the pyramid is not completed, why they chose to stay afloat after all the media revelations.

I am sure that they had earned already enough money from the 20 lakh panelists and they had all the time in the world after the first telecast of Star News regarding Speak Asia supposed scam to go away and hide in any part of the globe, but instead they chose to fight back and clarify their sides.  So, that seems a good thing from the panelists' point of view that Speak Asia still wants to go on and I think as long as they can manage to go on, I think they will give their member some money back so at least one can still get their investment back if not profit for some time.

Keep your fingers crossed.

© 2011 Ranjan Kumar