Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How to earn online?

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Of late, Internet has been flooded with offers of making you millionaire in months, but are they real. I have been researching with all the websites claiming to make $$$ in days or weeks and found most of them to be nothing but asking you to pay them $50 to $100 and then you never know when will you get rich. There are a lot of sites offering pay per click. I myself tried my luck with all the pay per click sites but ended up gaining nothing but lose time. Then I found the idea of Adsense and it took me really days to understand the working of Adsense. Click Here! Being a novice to HTML codes, it took me week to just to figure out how to put your Adsense codes into your website. After giving this weeks, I have now learnt that working with Adsense is one of the better way to earn online, though one has to wait, because bringing traffic to your site is a difficult process and so one has to be patient. One need to create a lot of blogs ranging from different topics to different genres. Click Here!Once you have got a lot of blogs spread on the Internet, the chances of your blog getting noticed by a large number of population is always more. So, just go ahead, get your Adsense account activated, start blogging, and do more blogging, and wait for the $$$ to come your way.

Medical transcription industry

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Medical transcription is a relatively new industry in India which has peaked in the last five years. The industry is now attracting a lot of young enthusiast to pursue the industry as a full-fledged career.

One new technological advancement in this field is the preference for use of voice recognition engines (VRE) over the conventional use (MTs transcribing reports). A lot of discussion has been going on this subject that whether this will subject the MTs to face competition with the machine. The answer is still debatable and will remain debatable for years to come. In my perception, the VRE can never compete with a good MT because the best of VREs cannot create a report that is more than 80% accurate. So, after the report being transcribed by the VRE, it still has to be checked by an MT to make it deliverable.

In the present scenario, medical transcription industry Click Here!
is booming in India. Based on a study by NASSCOM, the employment generated by Medical transcription in the years 1997/98 was around 2,500. The revenue generated by medical transcription was Rs. 75 crores. According to the prediction of the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM), the industry's turnover is likely to touch Rs. 10,000 crores by 2008, providing employment to 1.60 lakh people.

So, what it takes to be a good medical transcriptionist. An efficient medical transcriptionist Click Here!
should have a good knowledge of medical terms, pharmacology, anatomy, laboratory medicine, disease processes, and much more. He should to be able to transcribe a report and know enough about what is being dictated to be able to recognize strange, obscure medical terms, (or, more likely, to know which reference book to look through to find out how the obscure medical term is spelled). There are a lot of things that a medical transcriptionist should know in order to be good at their job. It simply isn't enough to memorize some medical terms and be a fast typist. The most important quality that an efficient medical transciptionist should have is that he should know how he should manage time. Typically in an eight-hour shift, an efficient MT should be able to transcribe 1000 lines with a minimum of 95% accuracy. This sounds a bit difficult, but is achievable and is being achieved by a lot of MTs across India. In fact, the first Rs. 20,000 per month barrier breaks once a MT is able to achieve this target.