Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to get freelance job on Internet?

You type "work online" on Google, you will see a million results offering you jobs to work from home and earnings in thousands of dollars. You start thinking, oh God, is making money so absolutely not. Whatever ads you see on Google, I think 99% of them are just good for nothing. Well, I don't say that all these are scams but they typically work on the same idea. You pay a few dollars to them and they will give you some links to doing online survey or online data entry or join one of the millions referral programs on Internet, refer another people like you, then he will refer another, and thus making a chain and ultimately earning thousand of dollars. Sounds complicated and simple at the same time. Well, many of the Internet marketers have been making great moolah by using this marketing technique and this in fact is one of the most successfully tested Internet formula. If you have the patience and zeal to work on this concept, rest assured you can succeed if not in days or months than in years.

The other and in fact more tried and tested concept is to do freelancing jobs on Internet. Here, the benefit is you can do freelancing jobs according to your skill sets. It's not like you don't know the ABCD of marketing, and you have just entered the ruthless world of Internet marketing by paying a few dollars but now you don't know what to do, so it is always better not to do something you don't know anything. Here, you can opt for doing freelancing jobs on Internet. The biggest provider of online freelancing jobs is They offer both basic or free service as well as paid service. If you opt for free service, you will have the limited option that is you can send only 3 proposals to the prospective employers and so you have to be careful bidding for jobs. You should bid for only those jobs that you feel really confident about and once you have submitted your proposal, just cross your fingers and hope for the best. The other provider is, which of course is a paid affair. You will have to pay about 40 dollars per month to avail of their services. So, if you are a beginner, I think first give Elance a try and see how it goes and then once you have made some penny, you can use those pennies to get another job and so on.

So, best of luck to all the freelancers.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Credit card - a sweet poison

Let me take you back into 1999. I had started working just a few months back and had made a saving of Rs. 9000 to buy me a portable color TV. Yes, color TV that time was really a costly thing to buy and I had to shell out Rs. 8450 to get an Onida 14 inch color TV. I had taken out the money from the bank and was carrying full cash with me. Then I saw another customer buying TV through his credit card. Believe me that was the first time I was seeing a real credit card transaction taking place in front of me. The shopkeeper took the impression of the credit card with the help of some manual impression-taking thing and then called the bank and got the approval and done... so simple!!! Though all these now sound archaic but at that time I was really fascinated by this small plastic card and just wanted to have one in my wallet at any cost. Little did I know that small piece of plastic will make my life a helluva journey for the all the time to come.

Well, I did get my own credit card just a few months after, an ICICI Bank Gold Credit Card with a credit limit of Rs. 35,000 to begin with and thus started taking the sweet poison from that very day. Like all the youngster, in just 3 months, my credit card bill was running into five figures, though my salary was still in the four-figure range and then the minimum payment thing started and then the rest is a story I think most of us know, as we all do the same mistake over and over again until you reach a stage where even the minimum payment becomes such a big thing to pay that you start getting calls from the collection agent and those recovery goons.

Well, a word of caution for all the youngters just getting into their new job. Please don't take this poison at all if possible and if already taken, try to get rid of this sweet poison as soon as possible or soon you will be trapped into a Chakravyuh like Abhimanyu where you can only enter but just can't get out...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My favorite work excuses

Here is a compiled list of my favorite work excuses. A must read for everyone needing a work excuse:

1. I went to a party on Sunday and met a girl, we've been in bed ever since. I'm getting tired now and will be at work in an hour or so .

2. Sorry Boss I can't come into work spirit guide says work is for losers!

3. My dog is having puppies and I need to help her.

4. Sorry I did not show up yesterday, I locked myself in the bathroom.

5. I won't be able to come to work next week . We are trying for a baby and the doc says next week is the best chance.

6. Last night a friend I haven't seen in a long time came over and gave me a bear hug and broke one of my ribs, so I won't be in today.

7. Sorry I'm late, I had to pawn my alarm clock.

8. Don't call, don't write, don't let anyone know what's going on - take an extra week, or two. Then when you are ready to go back to work, just call up your boss and say.... " Don't pay the ransom - I escaped! "

9. I'm sorry I was late, I forgot to look at my watch!!!

10. I didn't want to be late for work again today so I called in sick instead!

My Top 5 Ways to Write a Blog

Well, you have started a blog and put some posts initially but now just running out of ideas to write a new post. To be a successful blogger, one must always keep writing new posts, otherwise you will soon find your Alexa traffic ranking taking a downward turn.

As a blogger, the most difficult task is to find out a new topic to write about. Well, here are my top 5 ways to get idea about a new topic for your blog:

1. Your most important provider of new topic is your own blog comments. You must check the comments posted on the blogs and see the questions posed by your readers and there are more than enough chance that a new idea will just click in your mind going through these comments.

2. Go back searching your most read blog post, give it a new twist or add a new angle and your loyal readers might be happy once again seeing their favorite blog post with a new twist. One can take the example of Ekta Kapoor's soap where every 3 months a new story unfolds in the same old cast and storyline and the viewer once again start watching the serial with a new interest.

3. Go through the social networking sites like Digg or Twitter and check out the new topics people blogging about and you might get the topic for your post for the day.

4. Ask reader to put comments and offer some give-away to the X reader. Chances are high that those reader will give you a new topic to write about.

5. Prepare a list like "Top 5 secrets of a successful love life" or the "Top 10 excuses for a sick leave," do some brainstorming, follow your office culture, prepare a list, and your new blog topic is ready. It is fun to read and easy to write.

If you have your own top 5 ideas, please put a comment, so that my next top 5 list will be published soon.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fake IPL player reveals himself on camera

Here is the video FIP RIP where he reveals himself after the last KKR match, though in shadow form only...

The transcript of the video goes as below:

This is me, Fake IPL player... or FIP as you sometimes call me... It's been 4 weeks, 43 posts... about 17,000 comments till now...Over 90% of the comments have actually been from one person...called anonymous...who the hell is this guy anonymous...actually anonymous is me and you...yes...both of us... Behind all the greasepaint, I'm just another faceless guy... grew up in Delhi where I learnt my art... and I have travelled and worked almost all over India... actually, I grew up on cricket. One of the earliest memories being that of a grinning Kapil Dev, running back to the pavilion after beating England in the 1983 world cup semifinals... I watched with horror when Miandad whacked Chetan Sharma for that last-ball six... and also overjoyed when Jadeja returned the favor 10 days...err...10 years later...Actually I was crackpot enough to skip my IIM interview in order to watch India play Australia at Feroze Shah Kotla... A match that by the way we lost...But somewhere along the faceless journey in life, I happened to get intimately exposed to cricket... From the kings of Bollywood to the pimps of cricket... and vice versa... from the cricketers with oversized egos to journos that are so happy being in such august company... they forget to dig deep enough... I've seen them all. Yes, I am an insider... I am the fly on the wall... the ghost in the darkness...and I am sitting here right now reading your question and wondering why are you asking me about match fixing now...when the match itself has our attempt at competing with movies...we have actually changed cricket matches to three-hour cricket movies... with a couple of strategic timeouts in between...Being intimately involved, I think I saw a lot more happening than what most people saw on TV...oh I saw so will probably take me a book or two to spell it all in...but if I actually write a book...I will probably be history even if my book is not...still it's a story that has to be told and perhaps my anonymity now will be exchanged for some harsh limelight later or perhaps not. As to my fascination with the city of Kolkata...hmmm...I love the people there...kintu dekha jaye to...Kolkata kin satti ekta Bollywood masala team mein action hai...tragedy hai...comedy hai...romance hai...item number bhi team mein hero hai...heroine hai...villain hai...aur villain ka bhai bhi hai...yahin hai bollywood ka asli maja dosto...entertainment ka asli baap yahi hai... Anyway this is the story of FIP... finally, it's all just shadow play... or as my name suggest, fake... See you when I see you... kabhi alvida na kehna."

Now, it is up to you to decide who this Fake IPL Player is...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Madhubani paintings - an art form par excellence

Madhubani paintings or Mithila paintings are an art form that is very unique in its concept itself. The history of Mithila paintings goes back to the times of Ramayana when King Janak commissioned artists to decorate Janakpur to celebrate the marriage of Lord Ram with Princess Sita. Since then, the tradition has been kept alive by generations of Mithila women doing paintings on the wall of the hut by using herbal color and and a brush made of bamboo sticks (kucchi) and depicting the stories from birth to upnayan ceremony to marriage ceremony to death, every phase of life is beautifully described through the medium of picture and traditional maithili songs. Here I give you 2 samples of this beautiful art form that is now recognized globally and is in high demand across the world.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Bangalore one step away from getting into semi-finals

Yesterday was a day of low-scoring matches in IPL. The first match between Team Jaipur and Team Kolkata was like a one-day from 20 years back where bowler ruled the roost and batsmen were struggling to score a single run. Ultimately, KKR did deliver the knock-out blow to Rajsthan Royals, defending champion, and thus ended their dream of getting into the semis once again. The second match was a nightmare for Team Punjab where they squandered one of the easier opportunities to get into the semis being unable to defend a modest total posted by Team Chennai, thus putting their team on the rajor's edge.

This has made Bangalore's chances of getting into the semis much brighter. If they win today's match against the Chargers they will automatically be placed into the semis. But if they lose, then the average net run rate theory will come into play and they will have to vie with Team Punjab for the fourth spot in the semis. Though things look better for Bangalore now, but they have to just keep this NRR thing in mind while playing for today's match so that even if they lose to the Chargers, they should be well ahead on the NRR to keep Punjab out of fray.

Best of luck to Team Bangalore...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kooldudz Store for personalized gift items.

Now you can get your own personalized T-shirts, Caps, Mugs, Stickers, Mouse pads, and a whole lot of merchandise at special price here on the Kooldudz Store.

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Should Laloo be included in the UPA government again?

The big question everybody asking now is should Laloo be once again given railway ministry. There are two fundas working for and against him. The funda why he should be given railway ministry again is of course his turnaround of Indian Railways which is a fact and no one can deny that even his strongest foes cannot say it with any authority that he did not change the fate of Indian Railways.

The funda that goes against him is a clear people mandate against him who have outrightly rejected RJD with only 4 seats, and there is no way he should be made a minister again because Junta have voted against him. The other funda is his arrogance in which he denied any pre-poll alliance with Congress underestimating the Congress party's poll outcome. Now, after an exception display of might after election results by Congress, Laloo is in a way apologizing with Congress that it was a mistake from his part of not doing a pre-poll alliance and please forgive me for my mistake. Very usual Laloo like.

The entire political system in India has become so opportunistic that you have started believing where are we going. Should be rewrite our constitution and make only 2-party system like US or UK or keep going with this adjustment politics where any adjustments can be made to be in the power. It is up to people to decide.

My question to every netizens across the world is should Laloo be made railway minister again. You can take the poll and give your verdict against him.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My take on the Fake IPL Player

Just went through the Get Shorty post from this now famous Fake IPL Player about his version of match-fixing rumors. One genuine point that he makes on the match-fixing thing is that why would somebody pay KKR to lose a match when they are already losing the matches on trot. That is very interesting to hear and sounds very convincing. You see, nobody remembers when was the last time KKR actually won a match. The only match they won this season was also due to Duckworth/Lewis (D/L) method, so that sounds very convincing as to why one should pay take even a single penny to lose a match.

I think now if and that is a big if KKR ever wins a match in IPL, Lalit Modi and IPL bosses must look into this if the match was fixed. Because I think if KKR wins a single match this IPL season, whoever would have bet on KKR will become an instant millionaire. The match-fixing rumor will once again come into limelight if KKR wins a match or Ganguli scores 50 runs of 20 balls or Ishant Sharma picks up 5 wickets in a match or Agarkar concedes only 10 runs in his 4 overs. If ever these things happen we should have enough reason to believe that the match was fixed.

The two names that I like the most from this Fake IPL Player post are Bhookha Naan and Appam Chutiya. I mean, just look at the word selection chosen, this is really awesome. Particularly, Appam Chutiya is like the word we all used for decades while completing our school and college years and still never knew that this word Chutiya can be such a successful marketing term that can soar one's Alexa ranking to 18,000. I think Philip Kotler must rewrite his Marketing Management book and add all these terms like Chutiya, dildo, slimeball, etc. and give use a new-age marketing funda.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Saturday, May 16, 2009

UPA back into power

Finally, the election results are out. After months and months of coalition drama from the likes of left, Mulayam SinghYadav, Laloo Prasad Yadav, what a relief now... at least now we can hope for a better political scenario as Congress has bagged enough seats that now it can work on its own and will not have to rely on pressure politics. Lets hope that Manmohan Singh delivers this time by reviving the economy as well as terrorism policy. He is not under pressure from left at this time to implement his economic reforms and he should not be under pressure from Amar Singh (hopefully!!!) to fight against terrorism and he should not be under pressure from Laloo Yadav to give him Railway ministry. Well, lets hope we will be able to see a better tomorrow in a few days from now.

The biggest loser in this election according to me is Laloo Prasad Yadav whose party only managed to bag 4 seats, but his condition is now like "dhobi ka doggy na ghar ka na ghaat ka." Why I am saying this is because before election he snapped electoral ties with Congress in hopes of getting a large chunk of seats and be in even better position to bargain, but now with Nitish Kumar delivering a knock-out performance, Laloo Yadav might find his days numbered in the political circuit because he is no one in Bihar and now will become no one in Center too.

This might also be the end of the road for the Iron Man L K Advani also and we might see more youthful leaders taking centerstage which might come as a bleesing in disguise for them just like the Indian team who has been doing just too good with his youth brigade after the likes of Ganguli, Dravid, Kumble, Laxman, and Tendulkar (playing very little now) either retired or were kept out on purpose.

So lets all hope for a new shining India...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Now the match-fixing rumor for KKR

KKR is the controversy's illegal child, at least it seems so. Since the announcement of IPL season 2, there is not a single day where you think that KKR has not hit the headlines with a new controversy. The captain issue, Buchanan versus Ganguli issue, Shahrukh Khan going back to India, players being sent home in the middle of the tour, the Fake IPL Player, and now the match-fixing accusations. The way lost KKR to RCB from a winning position raised many eyebrows particularly dropping of Ross Taylor catch and the last over fulltoss that was bound to be hit prompted even Lalit Modi to announce an enquiry into this. Well, we all hope that KKR gets cleanchit, otherwise it will bring a huge embarrassment to IPL, Shahrukh Khan, Lalit Modi, BCCI, and the entire Indian cricketing world. Even there are charges made against Shahrukh Khan of entering player's dressing room without permission and offering cash bonuses. So, all these things are keeping KKR on top of media charts despite losing matches on trot. They surely know how to be in limelight.

I think the age-old saying goes well with Shahrukh's KKR "Badname hue to kya hua, naam to phir bhi hoga."

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Submission of website to directories and SEO tools

Well, you have created a website or blog site but wondering why it is not showing on the search results of Google or Yahoo or even it is showing, it is not in the top 100 search results and anything beyond top 100 search results are good for nothing. The most important SEO tool for success with search engine results is to get your website listed in the human-edited directories. Open directory ( and Yahoo directory ( are two of the biggest human-edited directories that were considered a must to have website listed in early part of 90s, though now it is not absolutely essential to have your website listed in these two directories, but if your site is listed there, it will do a whole lot good to your website search engine ranking. Acceptance or rejection of your website in these two directories are solely on the judgment of their editors and their judgments are based on how optimized your website in terms of using SEO tools. You should also manually submit your website to as many directories as you can in the appropriate categories, so that your website features more on the search results and thus increasing the probability of getting listed in the top 100 search results. One should filter his directory search depending on the category, topic, and geographical location so that you get a better optimization and that is what search engine optimization or SEO is all about. The second important SEO tool is link building. Here also you should be careful in building your links by choosing to exchange links with websites that are of similar category, topic, and geographical locations to your website and thus you will be availble to build quality links. You should take care while doing link exchange that the website you are building link with is an active website which is getting updated periodically and not some dormant sites which have been there for ages but not updating its content.

So, use these SEO tools and you will soon be able to see a better pagerank and Alexa ranking.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Fake IPL player

A lot is being read about the Fake IPL Player making rounds on the blog circuit. In fact, the entire Indian media is following this Fake IPL Player so closely that it has become the most trafficked blog in just a week. Yesterday, I was just seeing a news clip on NDTV India about the poll buzz about revealing this Fake IPL player identity and some 30,000 internet bloggers and readers have polled in just 1 day.

Everyone is curious to find out the real identity of this Fake IPL Player who has been reporting all the inside and outside news of Kolkata Knight Riders. If the player reveals his identity at the end of the IPL, then I think he becomes genunine from a fake IPL player, but if the player does not reveal his identity, then this might lead us to believe that this once again is a very smart marketing strategy employed by the very marketing savvy KKR owned by King Khan.

Do you think Fake IPL Player is a genuine KKR player or a marketing strategy?
Genuine, if he reveals his identity at the end of IPL
He is just some blogger but not KKR player
He is member of KKR marketing team.
A very smart blogger who has put a mole in the KKR team.

View Results

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bangalore beats Kolkota again

Well, one must feel sorry for the KKR to lose this game. Till the 36th over of the game they were so comfortably placed to win this game at least and then came a once in a life inning from Ross Taylor and KKR is shattered once again. Shahrukh's team dominated the proceeding from the first over to the 36th over aided by brilliant batting display by Brendon McCullum (finally!!! but too late to come) and David Hussey and then their bowler doing fairly decent job to bring themselves into a comfortable position where the asking rate went up to as high as 15 runs per over. Only a miracle would have saved Bangalore but then miracles do happen some time, and this time it happened from Ross Taylor's bat who hit 5 towering sixes to finish the match in style with 4 balls remaining. Dr. Vijay Mallya was one happy man with his team moving to 5th place leaving Zinta, Ambani, and Shahrukh behind and looking menacingly to outdo Shilpa soon to make a place in the semi-finals.

Anyhow, this match was a 100% entertainer where batsmen ruled the roost and bowlers just looked too rusty that is what T20 cricket is all about.

Good luck Royal Challengers, keep winning and bring back DLP IPL trophy to Namma Bangaluru this time and bring cheers to all the fellow Bangaloreans...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Monday, May 11, 2009

Exam results

Hey dudes... finished your exam and really curious to know about the results. Well I give you a solution.

Here I give you the links to check your exam results:

Indian states SSC, HSC, and University exam results.

Karnataka examination results.

Bangalore University results.

GATE scores and results.

Comprehensive exam results.

Kerala Examination results.

CBSE results.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Knight Riders maintain their losing spree

One must give credit to Kolkota Knight Riders for being consistent in at least one department that is in losing. It is hard to remember when was the last time Shahrukh Khan's flag bearers ever won a match including both IPL season 1 and 2. Seems like Shahrukh Khan's cohesion ability is so badly dented that his team is neither performing as a cohesive unit nor as an individual unit.

Right from the day 1 of IPL team announcement last year, KKR has been most successful in brand management, designing and dressing of team, media management, creating a hype about the team, so they became the most favorite team in IPL. Such is the media liking for KKR that every time they lose they top the media charts across the globe. I think that is the reason why they prefer to lose every time and maintain their losing spree.

Seems like continued failure of Brendon McCullum, sacking of John Buchannan, juggling Sourabh Ganguli from opener to number 3 to number 5 on a regular basis, each time Arun Lal and Akash Chopra making their wishes of KKR winning at least one match are all the marketing strategies made by their very talented marketing gurus to keep their brand image intact and maintain their numero uno status as the best brand of IPL.

Good luck, KKR...keep losing matches and keep topping the media charts...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blogging history and its relevance

Blogs have become an integral part of every company's websites today. They have become an effective tool to communicate with their internal as well as external customers. By way of blogging, the company can communicate to their customers and employees about company news, industry trends, new product launching, getting feedbacks, and thus giving their customers a free communication platform where they can come on their will and post whatever they want to. The other advantage of using blogging platform is that you can get customers totally unrelated to your website from any part of the globe and thus giving your company a global reach. Blogging has become an effective research tool whereby companies can get a genuine feedback and new ideas from any blogger like Microsoft has been using blogging platform to reach out more customers and user whenever they launch a new product by getting blog feedbacks from users.

Blogging has become a favorite pastime for every Internet users across the globe and it is fast becoming an alternative mode of earning fame and money. It is an addiction that is a good addiction to have.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

How blog advertising works?

Blog advertising has become a highly effective medium to reach out to not only your internal or external customers but rather to reach out a big part of the population in order to make them a prospective customer in the future. Blogs, a short form of weblogs, have become a hugely popular and effective blog marketing tool that is fast catching up the entire corporate world. A company by using its blog can reach out to its customers and update them about its new products and services, the new industry news and trends, effectively communicate with their customers and get an appropriate feedback from via blog medium, promoting the corporate image and branding, increasing the company website traffic and thus reaching out to a larger part of the population, and last but not the least letting Google, Yahoo, Live, Altavista, or other search engines crawling your website more often.

A new concept of blog advertising is by using other bloggers advertise about your website or company by putting a link on their blogs. This trend is becoming very popular these days as they are proved to be one of the better medium to advertise your company or website. This has proved beneficial for both the bloggers as well as advertisers as the bloggers can write about a particular product and thus increasing the probability of getting more traffic and more hits through search engines and also earn money while the advertisers get a better way to promote their products.

Blog advertising as a tool should be used by more and more bloggers across the globe to effectively promote their blogs and increase their earning opportunities.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Friday, May 08, 2009

Bet on IPL

Before you take it otherwise, let me make it very clear. Yes, I do want you to bet on IPL, but not like the way you doubt, but here you can bet on every matches, for winner, fastest 50, fastest 100, maximum number of catches, maximum number of wicket taker, maximum number of sixes and fours, so you can enjoy IPL a little extra with betting, but there will be no money involved. You will be given some virtual money to start with and you can keep playing until the final of IPL when the player who has accumulated the maximum amount of virtual money will be given the prizes.

So, what are you waiting for. Start betting and enjoy IPL a little more. You can go to website fan2win and start playing there.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Why Obama chose to target Bangalore?

The entire BPO industry in India went berserk after the Harvard Law Graduate President Barrack Obama said the following, "It’s a tax code of corporate loopholes that makes it perfectly legal for companies to avoid paying their fair share. It’s a tax code that makes it all too easy for a number — a small number of individuals and companies to abuse overseas tax havens to avoid paying any taxes at all. And it’s a tax code that says you should pay lower taxes if you create a job in Bangalore, than if you create one in Buffalo, New York.”

Why Obama chose to name Bangalore instead of any other city in the world remains an open mystery to the world, particularly Indians, and more particularly namma Bangaloreans. It seems like not only the other cities in India, but even the most powerful county in the world is fearful of namma Bangalure, the Silicon Valley of India, or should we say Silicon Valley of world. One thing is very clear, Bangalore is now much ahead in terms of IT business than any other cities in the world and so we Bangaloreans should feel proud about it.

But what worries everyone here in the IT capital of India is the after-effects of Obama's now famous Bangalore speech. Rumors have started spreading like wildfire that the BPO industry in Bangalore may see huge repercussions in the coming 6 months. Well, the fears are genuine but we should not be too much worried about this. This means like Obama wants some drastic changes made in the income tax laws of his own country, so that more revenues should come in US treasury. Now the accounts for about 60 percent ($30 billion) of the $50-billion IT export revenue from India. About 70 percent of the export revenue is generated by Indian firms and the remaining by multinational captives or third party vendors in the sub-continent. That means that if any loss of revenues will also be loss of revenue for US if they change the tax laws in their own country.

So, in other words, as long as Bangalore and the rest of India continues to work smartly, the US would always try to make reforms in their tax laws, so that a part of revenue generated in India will be paid back to US in terms of taxes, and thus we all Indians can says proudly that now we are helping US getting out of the great recession of all time.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Thursday, May 07, 2009

After the sweet doggy, now the very funny Zoozoo

There is no point for guessing which is making the most waves in this current IPL season, its the little Zoozoo. Vodafone has really spiced the otherwise dull IPL season with the new loving character Zoozoo and like their earlier cute doggy, these little characters have become instant hit. Now you can enjoy watching the all Zoozoo commercials here only.

Aishwarya Rai and Rajpal Yadav first time together

Watch out for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan first time appearing with the little funny man Rajpal Yadav in the new Coca-Cola commercial.

Shout about your blog or website

One of the most successful and proven formula to promote one's blog or website is to use social media like Tweeter, Orkut, Facebook, or any other shout box where you can shout about your blogs freely and to really promote your blogs like a wildfire, you must expand your connections on these social media to have the maximum reach.

Tweeter is one of the most successful social media tool to promote your website. You can also shout about your website on the shout boxes found on any site like here on this cool site you will see a shout box. All you have to do is type out your name, your website, and your message and your website will be viewed hundreds of net users across the globe.

So, dudes go ahead and shout on the shout box and spread your website like anything.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Work with the biggest medical transcription company in India

One of the biggest medical transcription companies in India requires a lot of OJT, MT, IMT, QA, senior QA with one of the most competitive remuneration in the industry. If you think you have the fire in your belly to prove yourself in the MT industry then join the biggest company in India. You can post your comment if you are interested to work in Bangalore.

The company offers a challenging environment to work, so if you are ready to take the challenge, go ahead.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Personalized gift ideas

Gifts have always been the most powerful medium of expression of one's feeling for the others. The concept of gifting is age old or in other words the mankind started with gifting ideas whether by way of flowers or some useful items, but the idea of gifting has been always there and will remain so till the mankind lasts. These days, a new concept of gifting is catching on that is personalized gifting. Personalized gifting is meant for gifting someone who is very close to one's heart, so it is always special. A personalized gifting means that you are gifting someone with a personal touch like putting his or her name or putting your personal feelings on the gift items and then gifting to him or her.

There are many options available in the market these days for personalized gifting. They can be in terms of jewelry with his or her name or messages embossed on the locket or ring or coffee sleeve or photo frames or personalized placemats or coffee mugs or stationary items like pen stand, paperweight, or mom agenda planner.

The idea of personalized gifting is to express your heart-felt feelings to him or her about how much he or she means to you. So, just go ahead and give your loved ones a personalized gift and see the smile on his or her face.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Friday, May 01, 2009

Drag racing in Bangalore

Drag racing is not a new term for namma Bangaloreans, though it is not as common a sight now in the central business district. The activity has mostly shifted to city's outskirts particularly on the NICE road. We had a very tragic accident last year when a guy ran from traffic police while drag racing in the midnight and finally being shot down by the military police in the Bangalore cantonment area. Well, we can never forget that tragic event where a young guy lost his life due to drag racing.

Why I thought to write the blog today on drag racing is because of an unusual drag racing being taken place right in the heart of the city, perhaps one of the busiest area in Bangalore, Brigade Road. I was returning from office at around 6 p.m. in the evening in my Maruti 800 driving through the busy Brigade Road. Suddenly, a bike zipped pass my car going at over 80 kmph and then to everyone's stunned eyes, the guy took off his bike on one wheel and kept dragging the bike for almost 2 minutes on the busy Brigade Road stretch. One of the traffic police constable tried to stop but the biker just zipped away at a very high speed.

I just want to give these drag racers a word of advice, please do go with your hobby but please don't play with this hobby on the busy Bangalore roads because you are not risking your life only but putting other's lives at risk also because it creates sort of a havoc on the road while the fellow travelers start to look at you and in a way lose control of their own vehicle.

This is a very exciting sport...let the excitement and thrill be limited to outskirts where you don't put other's lives at risk

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar