Thursday, May 14, 2009

Now the match-fixing rumor for KKR

KKR is the controversy's illegal child, at least it seems so. Since the announcement of IPL season 2, there is not a single day where you think that KKR has not hit the headlines with a new controversy. The captain issue, Buchanan versus Ganguli issue, Shahrukh Khan going back to India, players being sent home in the middle of the tour, the Fake IPL Player, and now the match-fixing accusations. The way lost KKR to RCB from a winning position raised many eyebrows particularly dropping of Ross Taylor catch and the last over fulltoss that was bound to be hit prompted even Lalit Modi to announce an enquiry into this. Well, we all hope that KKR gets cleanchit, otherwise it will bring a huge embarrassment to IPL, Shahrukh Khan, Lalit Modi, BCCI, and the entire Indian cricketing world. Even there are charges made against Shahrukh Khan of entering player's dressing room without permission and offering cash bonuses. So, all these things are keeping KKR on top of media charts despite losing matches on trot. They surely know how to be in limelight.

I think the age-old saying goes well with Shahrukh's KKR "Badname hue to kya hua, naam to phir bhi hoga."

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