Monday, May 11, 2009

Knight Riders maintain their losing spree

One must give credit to Kolkota Knight Riders for being consistent in at least one department that is in losing. It is hard to remember when was the last time Shahrukh Khan's flag bearers ever won a match including both IPL season 1 and 2. Seems like Shahrukh Khan's cohesion ability is so badly dented that his team is neither performing as a cohesive unit nor as an individual unit.

Right from the day 1 of IPL team announcement last year, KKR has been most successful in brand management, designing and dressing of team, media management, creating a hype about the team, so they became the most favorite team in IPL. Such is the media liking for KKR that every time they lose they top the media charts across the globe. I think that is the reason why they prefer to lose every time and maintain their losing spree.

Seems like continued failure of Brendon McCullum, sacking of John Buchannan, juggling Sourabh Ganguli from opener to number 3 to number 5 on a regular basis, each time Arun Lal and Akash Chopra making their wishes of KKR winning at least one match are all the marketing strategies made by their very talented marketing gurus to keep their brand image intact and maintain their numero uno status as the best brand of IPL.

Good luck, KKR...keep losing matches and keep topping the media charts...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

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