Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A dream job...the love quadrangle..

As earlier mentioned, Rishabh is smitten by the simple charm of Tina, but to his dismay, Kartik is even more smitten by her. Tina is also very fond of our group, especially with Rishabh and Kartik. She starts sharing her life story also with them, and here comes another shocker. She has been deeply in love with another boy from U.P., his classmate in Moscow, so much they are in love that they can go to any extent. Rishabh and Kartik are both shattered after getting the news, but Rishabh being more diplomatic and cooler, handles the situation well and suppressed his feeling for Tina in his heart only and did not share it with anyone. On the other hand, Kartik even after knowing anything, is so much madly smitten by her charm that he wants to get her at any cost. Kartik has shared his feeling with everyone including Rishabh, Maninderjeet, Rahul, and Subhash but for Tina. On the other hand, there is another twist in Tina’s love life. Her parents are strictly against her choice as he does not belong to her cast, and they won’t allow Tina at any cost to marry him. Tina is staying at YWCA Girls Hostel near C.P. Kartik is so much fond of her that everyday he accompanies her to C.P. only to come back in the night to Janakpuri (pyar mein log kya..kya..nahi karte).

To be continued...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Bollywood new releases

Hey dudes...confused about the new releases in Bollywood, check out the new releases below and chill out.

A dream job...Cool office life

Things were going fine for all the joinees of Web Control International. After a fortnight, everyone were asked to prepare a project on Oracle. Rishabh and Kartik decide to prepare “complete automation of a petrol pump.” They both are very excited about the project and they even visit a few of the local petrol pumps and even to the Indian Oil office in Hauj Khas to get feedbacks from them. They both are pretty confident of preparing and submitting the project well within the time frame (15 days).

Day 28th of their joining, all five of them reach office as usual at 9:30 after the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) both. Rishabh and Kartik are very happy as they have almost finished the documentation of their project and barring a few loops have finished their coding also. At Janakpuri Community Center, they see a lot of commotion going on. Almost 15 of the new joinees are having a heated discussion with the security guard of Web Control International as he is not allowing them to go up in the office. Kartik goes ahead and comes back with the news that the security guard has been instructed by the management not to open office today for reasons unknown to him.

To be continued...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Lahore attack...are we seeing the end of Pakistan

Another militant attack in Pakistan...again in Lahore...roughly 1 month after the attack on Srilankan cricket team. Modus operandi same the last one or even quite a bit similar to 26/11. Well, it seems like the militants are now intent on finishing democracy in Pakistan and take control of the entire Pakistan after the Northwest Frontier and Swat. Seems like everything is getting boomeranged on Pakistan. Though the siege is over, but leaves a book question mark over the future of Pakistan. Lets hope everything settles down soon in Pak because anything undemocratic will have severe repercussions on India...don't know where Pakistan is heading too but seems like if something not done very soon...we might be seeing a bloodbath soon...hope that is not the case...and lets wish "Get well soon" Pakistan and lets wish that democratic forces prevail over all evil...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A dream job...Management introduction

An introduction session by the management team...Mr. Ramaswami, the managing director, is introduced as a highly experienced mechanical engineer with over 30 years of experience in both public sector and private sector and a good friend of special advisor (I am not giving the name for obvious reasons) to the Primer Minister of India. Mr. Nagarajan, Chief Operations Manager, another mechanical engineer with over 25 years of experience. Mr. Doraiswami, Training Manager, a software engineer (finally someone related to software) with over 15 years of experience. Radha Pillai, HR manager, a very attractive lady in her late 20s or early 30s.

All the joinees are highly impressed by the introduction session, but for one thing, that everyone is South Indian (something fishy smells...). Anyhow, the first day went smoothly with everyone given the first lesson in SQL concepts and everyone happy, though no one clearly understood (I bet) a single concept.

Back to the home in Janakpuri by 3:30 p.m. First day, so an early leave. Alok, landlord's son, comes to meet us, a young guy of 22, a guitarist but very shrewd (a la typical Delhite). Very polite and very sociable, but very diplomatic. Alok gets quite friendly (???) with us and starts divulging names of the gals in our lane that we can see standing in their balconies (favorite pastime for Delhi girls in evening) with either a nephew or niece in their arms or a cordless phone (mobile was not that much a common site that time). In half an hour, we knew a lot about at least 6 girls in our lane.

To be continued...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A dream job...First day in office

All the 5 reach office by 9 a.m. with an exciting dream of entering the dream world of WWW. 50 new joinees, 30 computers in the office, well not bad at all. Each one is asked to make a pair to share the computer between themselves. Rishabh and Kartik decide to work together so is Rahul and Maniderjeet and so on...Kartik decides to join Rishabh because he has MBA with specialization in Information Systems and and Rishabh joins Kartik because he has done B.E. from Ramaiya College, Bangalore. Well so far so good...everything seems to work fine. They are given introduction in SQL and soon to become an Oracle expert...Reference books are being given from the office library to be returned back next morning. Rishabh gets introduced to other guys and gals in the office. He gets introduced to a very cute-looking girl wearing pink salwar, kurta who also seems very shy at first look. Rishabh instantly gets smitten by her veiled charm (waiting to explode). Her name is Tina. She has done her engineering in Electronics from some college in Moscow...well those days every third students from India were going to Russia to pursue either Medical or Engineering. Tina was also one of them having done her B.E. in 5 years (1 year Russian + 4 years B.E.). She had come from the Gadhwal region, Rishikesh to be particular. Rishabh finds a very striking similarity between Tina and Suhani (another Gadhwali girl from Rishabh's MBA days...will talk about her later), so another love story about to unfold...

To be continued...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Friday, March 27, 2009

A dream job...Janakpuri home

Kartik, Maninderjeet, and Rahul decide to take the front room and get the cooler installed in that room (Kiran’s father had bought the cooler) and Rishabh and Subhash decide to take the inside room with the fan installed in (though later they will be happy with the decision). There was a small kitchen and a bathroom also. Landlord, landlady, and their son (a pucca Delhite) live upstairs on the first floor with their music training school also running on the first floor.

The next morning did come early after a late night sleep at the new home. Rishabh being an early riser since childhood, did get up at 6 a.m. (though sleeping only at around 1 a.m.) and gets ready by 7 a.m. only. Rishabh had lived in Delhi for 2 years earlier, so he knew well the water situation in the rented houses of Delhi. They don’t get water for more than an hour in the morning, so the same happened. There was only a bucket of water left for all the 4 to get refreshed and take a dry bath.

To be continued...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A dream job...The five idiots

After having received the joining letter, Rishabh comes down the floor to meet other joinees. He gets introduced to a few of them, 2 guys from Orissa, 2 jats from Haryana, a sardar from Haryana, and a very peculiar-looking short guy with effeminate characteristics. The one jat from Haryana introduces himself as Kartik, sardar as Maninderjeet, the other jat as Rahul, and the girly guy as Subhash. There were a few girls also, one named Tina(watch out for an exciting story getting unfolded), the other Sunita, and a 30-something Payal. Kiran had been accompanied by his father who is the leading kerosene dealer in Yamuna Nagar. The sardar also evidently had come from Yamuna Nagar, though they had been meeting themselves only in Janakpuri Community Center first time. Rishabh being sort of an introvert takes time to get friendly initially, still he finds these people interesting characters so joins them. Delhi was a new city for all of them except Rishabh (will tell about him further). Kartik's father suggested to everyone to take a 2-bedroom house nearby and can be shared by Rishabh, Kartik, Maninderjeet, Rahul, and Subhash. Getting a rented house in Delhi is not a big deal thanks to the property dealer boards you can see at every corner. All the five along with Kartikfather visits a property dealer office in Janakpuri C block and he just offers them a 2-bedroom house in C block only for a rent of Rs. 5000 per month with 2 months' advance. A rental agreement (they always keep it ready with them) is signed by the land lord (an old musician) and Rishabh (will go into detail later why Rishabh). Five folding cots, one fan, and one cooler is being bought and the five people move into the house.

To be continued...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A dream job...Memoirs of a cool dude

Magadh Express reached Delhi late by almost 6 hours in the boiling afternoon of Delhi. Rishabh somehow manages to reach Janakpuri Community Center by 4 p.m. and barges straight into the office of Web Control International with a big hope of joining a software development company at a starting salary of Rupees 10,000 (in 1998). The security guard (properly dressed) asks him to fill up the register and instructs him to go to the third floor to meet HR. A lot of young guys and gals seen happily merrying around after finishing their joining process. Rishabh reaches the third floor huffing and puffing not wanting to get late even for a sec now. The receptionist gives him a gentle rebuking for being late but then asks him to go meet the HR. Rishabh enters the HR cabin and finds a beautiful and tall lady dressed in a shirt and jeans seated who gives a warm smile to Rishabh and Rishabh almost feels fresh gush of blood inside his trouser. After a gentle introduction session, Rishabh is asked to deposit the draft of Rupees 50,000 as a security money and given the joining letter to start working from tomorrow...

To be continued...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A euphoria called Nano

Yesterday was a big day in automobile industry, not only for India but for the entire world. Yesterday, the entire world was waiting with bated breath the launch of Nano, a dream that every Indians had been visualizing for the last 6 years, a dream of owning and driving your own 4-wheeler, a dream of hanging out with friends in your own, a dream that Ratan Tata had given to every Indians, and yes it was fulfilled yesterday. Tata Motors yesterday launched the 3 models of Nano yesterday starting at 1 lakh up to 1.5 laks ex-showroom price with the booking amount of Rs. 2999, the lowest ever for booking a 4-wheeler. With a very meticulously scripted marketing strategy of booking starting and closing in 15 days and that too for only 1 lakh lucky customers, Tata have succeeded in creating a sort of euphoria, a la DDA booking style, with lucky draw coming into play after the closure of booking. But what's the need for lottery system to buy a car...well here is very sharp marketing brain coming into play. By offering 1 lakh car to the 1 lakh "lucky" customers only, Tata is showing how confident it is that they are going to sell 1 lakh cars in the very 15 days of its launch (that indeed will be great to achieve), and secondly Maruti Industries will have to rethink about its flagship 800 and Alto cars and also Hyundai will start thinking now how to tackle this little devil called Nano...lets wait and watch a new exciting game about to begin in the Indian auto industry.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

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