Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A dream job...the love quadrangle..

As earlier mentioned, Rishabh is smitten by the simple charm of Tina, but to his dismay, Kartik is even more smitten by her. Tina is also very fond of our group, especially with Rishabh and Kartik. She starts sharing her life story also with them, and here comes another shocker. She has been deeply in love with another boy from U.P., his classmate in Moscow, so much they are in love that they can go to any extent. Rishabh and Kartik are both shattered after getting the news, but Rishabh being more diplomatic and cooler, handles the situation well and suppressed his feeling for Tina in his heart only and did not share it with anyone. On the other hand, Kartik even after knowing anything, is so much madly smitten by her charm that he wants to get her at any cost. Kartik has shared his feeling with everyone including Rishabh, Maninderjeet, Rahul, and Subhash but for Tina. On the other hand, there is another twist in Tina’s love life. Her parents are strictly against her choice as he does not belong to her cast, and they won’t allow Tina at any cost to marry him. Tina is staying at YWCA Girls Hostel near C.P. Kartik is so much fond of her that everyday he accompanies her to C.P. only to come back in the night to Janakpuri (pyar mein log kya..kya..nahi karte).

To be continued...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

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