Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A euphoria called Nano

Yesterday was a big day in automobile industry, not only for India but for the entire world. Yesterday, the entire world was waiting with bated breath the launch of Nano, a dream that every Indians had been visualizing for the last 6 years, a dream of owning and driving your own 4-wheeler, a dream of hanging out with friends in your own, a dream that Ratan Tata had given to every Indians, and yes it was fulfilled yesterday. Tata Motors yesterday launched the 3 models of Nano yesterday starting at 1 lakh up to 1.5 laks ex-showroom price with the booking amount of Rs. 2999, the lowest ever for booking a 4-wheeler. With a very meticulously scripted marketing strategy of booking starting and closing in 15 days and that too for only 1 lakh lucky customers, Tata have succeeded in creating a sort of euphoria, a la DDA booking style, with lucky draw coming into play after the closure of booking. But what's the need for lottery system to buy a car...well here is very sharp marketing brain coming into play. By offering 1 lakh car to the 1 lakh "lucky" customers only, Tata is showing how confident it is that they are going to sell 1 lakh cars in the very 15 days of its launch (that indeed will be great to achieve), and secondly Maruti Industries will have to rethink about its flagship 800 and Alto cars and also Hyundai will start thinking now how to tackle this little devil called Nano...lets wait and watch a new exciting game about to begin in the Indian auto industry.

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