Wednesday, January 14, 2009


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Memoirs of a Cool Dude

A dream job...Memoirs of a cool dude

A dream job...The five idiots

A dream job...Janakpuri home

A dream job...First day in office

A dream job...Management introduction

A dream job...Cool office life

A dream job...the love quadrangle..

A dream job...The three musketeers

A dream job...the dreadful 28th day

A dream job...The salary day

A hard slap

A new member in the house

Kooldudz Polls

Who is going to buy Nano?

TV, Bollywood, and Entertainment

Kooldudz channel

Bollywood new releases


Celebrities and their blogs

Feroz Khan passes away

Aishwarya Rai and Rajpal Yadav first time together

After the sweet doggy, now the very funny Zoozoo

Commercial Blogging

Infrared Sauna

Medical assistant training and career

New Video Software Let’s You Create Video Easily and Quickly!

Personalized gift ideas

SEO and Blogging Tips

What is SEO???

Most searched blogs and keywords -- SEO tools

Earning by blogging

Shout about your blog or website

Submission of website to directories and SEO tools

Current Events

Lahore attack...are we seeing the end of Pakistan

A euphoria called Nano

Drag racing in Bangalore

Why Obama chose to target Bangalore?

DLF IPL Season 2

DLF IPL 2009...Season 2

Shahrukh versus Shilpa

Is Shahrukh Khan responsible for Knight Riders debacle?

Bet on IPL

Knight Riders maintain their losing spree

Bangalore beats Kolkota again

Fake IPL player

Tour Diary

Trip to Mahabalipuram

Medical Transcription

MT Data Bank

Medical Transcription in India

Alexa challenge for best MT resources site

MT companies in India

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Medical transcription industry

Work with the biggest medical transcription company in India