Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earning by blogging

Ever wondered why blogging has become such a rage amongst all the people whether they are celebrities or a common guy. Well the motives are different for the different people. Celebrities blog about themselves because this gives them an added publicity to their public image which they always need. A common guy blogs because he also wants to be known by a lot of people and also to earn an extra income from their blogging. Earning from blogging is now a well-accepted concept that is fast peaking up the trend.

To earn money blogging
is not an easy thing to do. To earn more blogging you need to be very regular with your blogging, you need to advertise your blogs, you need to get a good PR (page rank) from Google, you need to have a good traffic ranking from Alexa, and last but not the least you should be blogging with a concept and originality.

One can earn money by putting ads (Adsense, Adbrite, Adtoll, Bidvertiser, etc.) on your blog and earn a share by getting clicked and impression counting. The other and better way of earning is to write paid posts and reviews about other websites. You can get yourself registered with,,, etc., and write blogs and reviews about their client. One can also apply for blogger jobs which are available in plenty on the Internet, like you can get a lot of blogger jobs by clicking

One can also earn by way referral commission that means you refer another blogger to the above companies and get a pie from your referred blogger's earning.

In nutshell, once you have decided to blog, go full-blown about your blog by commercializing it. In that way, you not only publicize your blogs, but will be able to make some handsome bucks also.

So, good luck to all the fellow cool bloggers.

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