Saturday, April 04, 2009

A dream job...Sardar and the poor guy

Rishabh gets the phone call from Patna. His cousin Ajay is getting married on the 18th. They all want Rishabh to come and attend the marriage, as Rishabh is the guy who brings the dancing masti…to all the marriages in his family. Rishabh also is excited to attend the marriage after getting the pay cheque so that he will spend the money coolly in Patna. Rishabh gets the train ticket booked for the 15th and return for 20th. Meanwhile, in the household tolerating Maninderjeet is getting unbearable for Rishabh. This sardar is so short-tempered that he often blasts Subhash for nothing, and Subhash being a simple girlish guy does not even dare to respond to him. Kartik and Rahul enjoy watching Subhash getting blasted by Mani. Rishabh does not like this at all but he does not want to get into this unless until the first pay cheque comes and then he is planning to move out of the house and live separately. The 2 long days pass and finally comes the next promised salary day.

To be continued...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

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