Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shahrukh versus Shilpa

Remember Baazigar, the tall sultry Shilpa paired opposite not so tall but very talented Shahrukh in her very first movie. The movie was a runaway blockbuster and gave Bollywood two very talented superstars in making. They made quite a good pair on-screen but don't for what reason did not do movies later together. Shilpa made quite a good pair with Akshay in her later movies and Shahrukh with Kajol, Juhi, Rani, and Preity.

Today, after a long time they are pitted against each other but not on-screen rather on the field (!!!). Shilpa's Rajasthan Royals are playing against Shahrukh's Kolkata Knight Riders in today's IPL T20 match in Cape Town. While writing this blog, Shilpa'a team has scored 150 runs and Shahrukh's Riders are riding on the Gayle wave right now with Gayle hitting sixes like anything. Shahrukh is happily clapping for Gayle's heroics while Shilpa is sitting very silent in the stands hoping for a miracle to happen.

Whatever be the result of the match, but one thing is certain, the two biggest crazes in India (Bollywood and Cricket) have joined hands together to give the audience a true paisa vasool dudes keep watching DLF IPL Season 2 for a mouthwatering treat along with your dinner table delicacies...

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