Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A dream job...The three musketeers

Rahul is another character in Rishabh’s new household. He has come from Bhivani, also done his B.E. from one of the lesser known colleges in Karnataka. This guy believes in only one thing, having the coolest brand names in his wardrobe or at least the coolest tags if not the original. His favorite place in Delhi is Gaffar Market where he can get the coolest brands at the coolest price. For him, nothing is more important in life than flashing Tommy Hilfiger on his waist. He is not much interested in girls as long as they are not giving him some cool vibes. Then comes Maninderjeet, a true sardar in his own words. For him “Singh is King” is the mantra years before Akshay Kumar made it the national mantra. He is a simple graduate but believes there is no one else in the world smarter (!!!) than him. Lastly comes Subhash, a very girlish boy who is now trapped amongst these 4 ruthless guys. These guys have kept him with them because of their own personal benefit, as he would do all the chores, prepare tea, prepare breakfast, and even sometimes wash their linens.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

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