Saturday, April 11, 2009

Most searched blogs and keywords -- SEO tools

Moving ahead from my previous SEO topic about the SEO concept and understanding, today I will talk about the importance of writing a blog that is most searched on the web.

Despite using all the SEO tools, many finds that their blog is hardly visited. Well, there is no problem with one's blogging or the SEO tools used, but the problem lies in that we are not writing about the topics that people want to search for rather we are writing what we like. Well, if your are celebrity or have spent a lot in advertising, you can still get traffic to your blog, but if you are a newbee to the blogging world, you must understand the fact that you should write about the topics that are most searched on the Internet. These topics can be celebrities, daily news event, a sporting event, an economic crisis, an election issue or whatever that people see on TV, read on newspaper, or listen or radio. If you want to limit your blog to a particular geographical location, you should search for topics that are their in new in that particular location. Suppose you are a blogger from India, you might write about Bollywood, like Aamir and Shahrukh now friend now foes story or Salman and Katrina love but not marry story or Akshay's unbuttoning act or the current election fever in India.

Now to find such "hot" topics or cool trends, there are many tools available but the best one is Google Trends from the Google stable. This particular tool gives you all the latest trends making great on the Internet world.

Google search engine works in a pretty simple way. This analyzes the keywords and number of searches for that particular keyword and then displays a graph for one's interpretation.

The new search utility that Google has used that whenever you start entering some words to search, Google gives you the different options and the number of searches corresponding to that particular search item. So, if you want to choose your topic for today's blog, just go with Google Trend or just use Google search box to find out the most searched one topics and write on that. There are more than 100% chance that you will get some hits on your blogs in a few hours from any corner of the world.

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Tony said...

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