Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Medical transcription industry

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Medical transcription is a relatively new industry in India which has peaked in the last five years. The industry is now attracting a lot of young enthusiast to pursue the industry as a full-fledged career.

One new technological advancement in this field is the preference for use of voice recognition engines (VRE) over the conventional use (MTs transcribing reports). A lot of discussion has been going on this subject that whether this will subject the MTs to face competition with the machine. The answer is still debatable and will remain debatable for years to come. In my perception, the VRE can never compete with a good MT because the best of VREs cannot create a report that is more than 80% accurate. So, after the report being transcribed by the VRE, it still has to be checked by an MT to make it deliverable.

In the present scenario, medical transcription industry Click Here!
is booming in India. Based on a study by NASSCOM, the employment generated by Medical transcription in the years 1997/98 was around 2,500. The revenue generated by medical transcription was Rs. 75 crores. According to the prediction of the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM), the industry's turnover is likely to touch Rs. 10,000 crores by 2008, providing employment to 1.60 lakh people.

So, what it takes to be a good medical transcriptionist. An efficient medical transcriptionist Click Here!
should have a good knowledge of medical terms, pharmacology, anatomy, laboratory medicine, disease processes, and much more. He should to be able to transcribe a report and know enough about what is being dictated to be able to recognize strange, obscure medical terms, (or, more likely, to know which reference book to look through to find out how the obscure medical term is spelled). There are a lot of things that a medical transcriptionist should know in order to be good at their job. It simply isn't enough to memorize some medical terms and be a fast typist. The most important quality that an efficient medical transciptionist should have is that he should know how he should manage time. Typically in an eight-hour shift, an efficient MT should be able to transcribe 1000 lines with a minimum of 95% accuracy. This sounds a bit difficult, but is achievable and is being achieved by a lot of MTs across India. In fact, the first Rs. 20,000 per month barrier breaks once a MT is able to achieve this target.


leopold/loeb said...

I am assuming from the grammatical errors in your blog that you are an Indian MT. How long have you been in the industry. I am a US MT, with a college degree, and 35 years doing MT work as well as working as a technical maniscript editor and writer. We are expected to do 150 lines per hour with 98% accuracy.

We are already using a lot of VRE at my institution; we edit it for 70% of our actual transcription pay. Watch out; if a report is easy, VRE is fabulous.

I spend a lot of time on the internet looking for companies which make new equipment, drugs, and tests which have not yet shown up in published reference materials. To have a job in the future, you will need to be able to do this...I spent quite some time finding chenodeoxycholic acid, which is part of a radioimmune bile assay done in genetic testing. Do you get many of these terms over there?

Just curious.

I read recently that the weak US dollar and rising lifestyle in India is making off shoring less financially attractive. We shall have to see. I'm willing to bet it will take more than the next 5 years (when I retire) for you to be able to replace me.

leopold/loeb said...

PS: pardon the typos (all 2 of them); it's 4am here in Oklahoma, when I'm usually working.

Ranjan's Blogs said...

Thanks for making such valid points about VRE accuracy. I have been working on Escription platform for quite some time and you are quite correct when you say that with relatively easy dictator, the VRE accuracy is quite good. The only problem is that those easy dictators are very rare to find and most of the dictators are too tough for the VRE to give accuracy more than 70%.