Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fake IPL player

A lot is being read about the Fake IPL Player making rounds on the blog circuit. In fact, the entire Indian media is following this Fake IPL Player so closely that it has become the most trafficked blog in just a week. Yesterday, I was just seeing a news clip on NDTV India about the poll buzz about revealing this Fake IPL player identity and some 30,000 internet bloggers and readers have polled in just 1 day.

Everyone is curious to find out the real identity of this Fake IPL Player who has been reporting all the inside and outside news of Kolkata Knight Riders. If the player reveals his identity at the end of the IPL, then I think he becomes genunine from a fake IPL player, but if the player does not reveal his identity, then this might lead us to believe that this once again is a very smart marketing strategy employed by the very marketing savvy KKR owned by King Khan.

Do you think Fake IPL Player is a genuine KKR player or a marketing strategy?
Genuine, if he reveals his identity at the end of IPL
He is just some blogger but not KKR player
He is member of KKR marketing team.
A very smart blogger who has put a mole in the KKR team.

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