Monday, May 18, 2009

Should Laloo be included in the UPA government again?

The big question everybody asking now is should Laloo be once again given railway ministry. There are two fundas working for and against him. The funda why he should be given railway ministry again is of course his turnaround of Indian Railways which is a fact and no one can deny that even his strongest foes cannot say it with any authority that he did not change the fate of Indian Railways.

The funda that goes against him is a clear people mandate against him who have outrightly rejected RJD with only 4 seats, and there is no way he should be made a minister again because Junta have voted against him. The other funda is his arrogance in which he denied any pre-poll alliance with Congress underestimating the Congress party's poll outcome. Now, after an exception display of might after election results by Congress, Laloo is in a way apologizing with Congress that it was a mistake from his part of not doing a pre-poll alliance and please forgive me for my mistake. Very usual Laloo like.

The entire political system in India has become so opportunistic that you have started believing where are we going. Should be rewrite our constitution and make only 2-party system like US or UK or keep going with this adjustment politics where any adjustments can be made to be in the power. It is up to people to decide.

My question to every netizens across the world is should Laloo be made railway minister again. You can take the poll and give your verdict against him.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

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