Friday, May 01, 2009

Drag racing in Bangalore

Drag racing is not a new term for namma Bangaloreans, though it is not as common a sight now in the central business district. The activity has mostly shifted to city's outskirts particularly on the NICE road. We had a very tragic accident last year when a guy ran from traffic police while drag racing in the midnight and finally being shot down by the military police in the Bangalore cantonment area. Well, we can never forget that tragic event where a young guy lost his life due to drag racing.

Why I thought to write the blog today on drag racing is because of an unusual drag racing being taken place right in the heart of the city, perhaps one of the busiest area in Bangalore, Brigade Road. I was returning from office at around 6 p.m. in the evening in my Maruti 800 driving through the busy Brigade Road. Suddenly, a bike zipped pass my car going at over 80 kmph and then to everyone's stunned eyes, the guy took off his bike on one wheel and kept dragging the bike for almost 2 minutes on the busy Brigade Road stretch. One of the traffic police constable tried to stop but the biker just zipped away at a very high speed.

I just want to give these drag racers a word of advice, please do go with your hobby but please don't play with this hobby on the busy Bangalore roads because you are not risking your life only but putting other's lives at risk also because it creates sort of a havoc on the road while the fellow travelers start to look at you and in a way lose control of their own vehicle.

This is a very exciting sport...let the excitement and thrill be limited to outskirts where you don't put other's lives at risk

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar


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