Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bangalore beats Kolkota again

Well, one must feel sorry for the KKR to lose this game. Till the 36th over of the game they were so comfortably placed to win this game at least and then came a once in a life inning from Ross Taylor and KKR is shattered once again. Shahrukh's team dominated the proceeding from the first over to the 36th over aided by brilliant batting display by Brendon McCullum (finally!!! but too late to come) and David Hussey and then their bowler doing fairly decent job to bring themselves into a comfortable position where the asking rate went up to as high as 15 runs per over. Only a miracle would have saved Bangalore but then miracles do happen some time, and this time it happened from Ross Taylor's bat who hit 5 towering sixes to finish the match in style with 4 balls remaining. Dr. Vijay Mallya was one happy man with his team moving to 5th place leaving Zinta, Ambani, and Shahrukh behind and looking menacingly to outdo Shilpa soon to make a place in the semi-finals.

Anyhow, this match was a 100% entertainer where batsmen ruled the roost and bowlers just looked too rusty that is what T20 cricket is all about.

Good luck Royal Challengers, keep winning and bring back DLP IPL trophy to Namma Bangaluru this time and bring cheers to all the fellow Bangaloreans...

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

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