Sunday, May 17, 2009

My take on the Fake IPL Player

Just went through the Get Shorty post from this now famous Fake IPL Player about his version of match-fixing rumors. One genuine point that he makes on the match-fixing thing is that why would somebody pay KKR to lose a match when they are already losing the matches on trot. That is very interesting to hear and sounds very convincing. You see, nobody remembers when was the last time KKR actually won a match. The only match they won this season was also due to Duckworth/Lewis (D/L) method, so that sounds very convincing as to why one should pay take even a single penny to lose a match.

I think now if and that is a big if KKR ever wins a match in IPL, Lalit Modi and IPL bosses must look into this if the match was fixed. Because I think if KKR wins a single match this IPL season, whoever would have bet on KKR will become an instant millionaire. The match-fixing rumor will once again come into limelight if KKR wins a match or Ganguli scores 50 runs of 20 balls or Ishant Sharma picks up 5 wickets in a match or Agarkar concedes only 10 runs in his 4 overs. If ever these things happen we should have enough reason to believe that the match was fixed.

The two names that I like the most from this Fake IPL Player post are Bhookha Naan and Appam Chutiya. I mean, just look at the word selection chosen, this is really awesome. Particularly, Appam Chutiya is like the word we all used for decades while completing our school and college years and still never knew that this word Chutiya can be such a successful marketing term that can soar one's Alexa ranking to 18,000. I think Philip Kotler must rewrite his Marketing Management book and add all these terms like Chutiya, dildo, slimeball, etc. and give use a new-age marketing funda.

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