Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Top 5 Ways to Write a Blog

Well, you have started a blog and put some posts initially but now just running out of ideas to write a new post. To be a successful blogger, one must always keep writing new posts, otherwise you will soon find your Alexa traffic ranking taking a downward turn.

As a blogger, the most difficult task is to find out a new topic to write about. Well, here are my top 5 ways to get idea about a new topic for your blog:

1. Your most important provider of new topic is your own blog comments. You must check the comments posted on the blogs and see the questions posed by your readers and there are more than enough chance that a new idea will just click in your mind going through these comments.

2. Go back searching your most read blog post, give it a new twist or add a new angle and your loyal readers might be happy once again seeing their favorite blog post with a new twist. One can take the example of Ekta Kapoor's soap where every 3 months a new story unfolds in the same old cast and storyline and the viewer once again start watching the serial with a new interest.

3. Go through the social networking sites like Digg or Twitter and check out the new topics people blogging about and you might get the topic for your post for the day.

4. Ask reader to put comments and offer some give-away to the X reader. Chances are high that those reader will give you a new topic to write about.

5. Prepare a list like "Top 5 secrets of a successful love life" or the "Top 10 excuses for a sick leave," do some brainstorming, follow your office culture, prepare a list, and your new blog topic is ready. It is fun to read and easy to write.

If you have your own top 5 ideas, please put a comment, so that my next top 5 list will be published soon.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

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