Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Submission of website to directories and SEO tools

Well, you have created a website or blog site but wondering why it is not showing on the search results of Google or Yahoo or even it is showing, it is not in the top 100 search results and anything beyond top 100 search results are good for nothing. The most important SEO tool for success with search engine results is to get your website listed in the human-edited directories. Open directory ( and Yahoo directory ( are two of the biggest human-edited directories that were considered a must to have website listed in early part of 90s, though now it is not absolutely essential to have your website listed in these two directories, but if your site is listed there, it will do a whole lot good to your website search engine ranking. Acceptance or rejection of your website in these two directories are solely on the judgment of their editors and their judgments are based on how optimized your website in terms of using SEO tools. You should also manually submit your website to as many directories as you can in the appropriate categories, so that your website features more on the search results and thus increasing the probability of getting listed in the top 100 search results. One should filter his directory search depending on the category, topic, and geographical location so that you get a better optimization and that is what search engine optimization or SEO is all about. The second important SEO tool is link building. Here also you should be careful in building your links by choosing to exchange links with websites that are of similar category, topic, and geographical locations to your website and thus you will be availble to build quality links. You should take care while doing link exchange that the website you are building link with is an active website which is getting updated periodically and not some dormant sites which have been there for ages but not updating its content.

So, use these SEO tools and you will soon be able to see a better pagerank and Alexa ranking.

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