Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MT Data Bank

Every MT companies in India is always wondering about having the most extensive medical transcription professional database so that they can access it and choose a professional as per their requirement. Right now, whenever a company needs some MTs, they just post an ad in newspaper or contact a placement agency or go to some colleges to do some campus placement. Keeping these facts in mind, TGFY has decided to make an MT data bank that will store all the relevant data pertaining to medical transcription professional, viz., Name, Email, Phone Number, total work ex, present designation, city and their work status (full time or part time). This initiative cannot be achieved without the active participation of all the MT professionals across the country. The information stored in the data bank will be shared by anyone without the prior approval of the particular MTs so you should be assured about your privacy and confidentiality. I just request you to fill in your information in the form so that an efficient database can be made about all the MT professionals in India which will be further analyzed to see the forthcoming trends in MT industry in India.

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