Thursday, November 05, 2009

Now sell your referrals at Neobux

Yes, you read it read. Neobux will pay you money to buy your direct referrals, a first in PTC world...true to its tag line..innovations in PTC. According to the admin, they have decided to buy direct referrals from you if you have any and with all probability the more active your referrals are, the more higher you can charge for them. Great concept it sounds like...lets see how it goes once it is implemented. This is what Neobux admin said:

"Starting in a few days, we will pay you a good amount for your direct referrals. Yes, that's right. We already spend thousands each month in all ways we can to get new unreferred members. Why not let our users earn from that as well?
When phase 3 is totally implemented, you'll get a new announcement from me as this one is just to keep you posted.

We need users, users need money. Users have users, we have money. Mix that up really fast and you'll get a new opportunity to earn and also a way to increase our distribution.

There will be some imposed limits to which direct referrals you can sell, obviously, and they'll be defined later on the official announcement. We'll be purchasing direct referrals you want to sell (no one is forced to) and under some predefined rules. This is not a monetary investment in our behalf since it would take months to get one purchased user back to give profit (and without guarantees) but it's a costly investment in our distribution's future stability.

This is why this change is called "One for all and all for one". Everyone helps everyone.

I know I could go the easy way and limit direct referrals acquisition or earnings but that's not the essence of NeoBux.

Why take something away when we can do the same but by giving something in return?
We're here for you and the more you earn, the happier we get.

I know some users had not seen the future as I predicted it nor they could.
That's why the news about the whole implementation were given slowly and in this order. It helped to teach some that we're not here for greed nor money and that, in the end, it's the users we really care about. It's a lesson that they'll take and always remember.

Even users who never spent a cent can earn from this. It's an equal opportunity for all members.

We've invented referral renting and now we debut the direct referral purchases.
Since this won't give money to PTC owners who have referral factories, and as any other feature we have that only costs us, you'll probably never see this anywhere.

There you have it. Another step to turn the PTC model in a true, honest, reliable, and profitable one.

In a few days you'll get the full announcement with all the details explained.
Until then, start calculating."

So, friends, join Neobux and earn more and more...really Neobux rocks!!!

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Kooldudz said...

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Lastbus said...

Now I might be a bit off the topic but why would one sell their referrals? I mean I'm all new to PTC and actually I was looking to buy/rent some referrals so maybe with time I will have to many of them and I will look to get rid of some.