Friday, March 05, 2010

Paypal back in India again

Good news for all the Indians. After a few weeks of intolerable suspension, Paypal is back serving Indian customers once again. In fact, yesterday after nearly a month I got my $10 payment from Blogsvertise, which I had almost lost hope of getting because of Paypal's activity suspension in India, but things are back to business again for all you bloggers and Neobux users. Start asking for your payment once again.

But the operation has become a bit of complex now because to withdraw the money you have to give your transaction reason to the Paypal which then submit the information to Reserve Bank of India to safeguard India from unauthorized foreign currency influx.

The payments stay banned for Indian PayPal users (Business, Premier and Personal Account Holders). The overseas clients can now pay the Indian users through "Pay for Purchases" (Goods or Services) tab, completing PayPal checkout at your website or by responding to PayPal "Request Money" instructions (invoices).

Most of the Internet users like me will take a big sigh of relief after getting their Paypal account once gain getting good luck for all the fellow Indians, keep using Paypal as your most trusted money broker.

© 2010 Ranjan Kumar

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