Monday, February 01, 2010

US versus Indian MT

Well, the battle line is drawn and going by the amount of dissatisfaction with most of the MQ and Spheris jobs being outsourced to India, one must start thinking that there is something seriously wrong on this front. I just looked into a few MT forums and what I read there is really outrageous.

"I was laid off from Cbay & later MQ as well because they were sending so much to India. These greedy corporations have ruined what used to be a good industry, while endangering patients' health and privacy by sending the work overseas. They can't go bankrupt fast enough for me, and with the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bonuses for the head chiefs, I doubt it will take long. It seems to be the new way of corporations these days anyway -- get in, run the little guys out of business, move numbers around, take huge bonuses & get your money off the top, then let it sink...."

"we are now called "medical language specialists". What a joke. We should be called "translators" because most of our time is spent trying to figure out what the foreign doctors are saying in broken, horrible English. We can't make a decent paycheck because our line counts are so low. I make about $100 per week now, when I used to make $600-$750 per week. I am a very fast and accurate typist (120 wpm) and have been doing this type of work for 30 years. Do not waste your time working for these slave-drivers. They want Indian workers? Let them have them."

"If you make a little mistake, you are threatened with termination. TERMINATION is the constant threat. The morale in this companyis terrible. If you request anything, you are threatened with Termination. Don't work for these people. They treat their workers like SHIT. One day, when they are stuck with all Indian workers who can't spell or speak English, and their clients ditch them, they will be sorry."

These are just the tip of an iceberg, maybe in the near future, we might see even more aggressive remarks.

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