Saturday, February 06, 2010

Who wants to be a millionaire???

Maybe for the first time in PTC industry, ClixSense now offers referral scheme that goes 8 levels deep that means only your 5 referral can earn you as much as $488,285.00 without clicking a single ad. All that comes at a cost of a mere $10 or 480 Rupees (membership fee for 1 year) for premium members and $0 for free members. The payment has to be made through Google Checkout, so its secure, easy, and can be done in any currency across the globe

Here is how it works:  ClixSense has extended its free affiliate program to 8 levels of referrals commissions for Premium members! So, your goal should be referring just 5 of your friends to ClixSense who upgrade their account status to Premium level memberships ($10 or 480 Rupees for a year). If you refer 5 of your friends who each do the same, you can earn up to $488,185.00 or  23,432,880 Rupees in ClixSense commissions!  That means you can become a millionaire or crorepati in 1 month and that too with an investment of $10 or Rupees 480 only.

Over $488,000 in commissions doing what I already do anyway?

Yes! And that’s not all… You still get paid for each ad you click! And remember, if you’re a Premium ClixSense member, then you get paid for each ad clicked by Premium members in your downline!

ClixSense pays 90% of Premium upgrade costs back to its members! The other 10% pays the fees to process the transaction to ClixSense! That’s unheard of in this industry!

© 2010 Ranjan Kumar

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