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How to earn maximum with ClixSense?

ClixSense is one of the oldest and the most successful PTC sites that has been paying its members consistently for years. Though the clicking and referral concepts in ClixSense is quite different than Neobux, the earning potential at ClixSense is many times higher. If you are able to utilize your referral making skills to a full potential, believe me you can earn thousands through ClixSense.

Because not only do you get paid for viewing ads on the ClixSense website. . .Look how much you can earn with their FREE affiliate program (all members are automatically enrolled).

Free members (Non-Premium members) will receive $0.01 for each referral and will receive $2.00 if their direct referral upgrades to a Premium account. They will also receive 10% of revenues generated from their referrals' ad purchases.

Premium Members are paid affiliate commissions 5 levels deep!

PREMIUM MEMBERS – They are instantly paid $0.10 for each new referral. When one of their direct referrals upgrades their account to a Premium membership, they are instantly paid $2.00 for that member's upgrade. When that member refers a new member who upgrades to premium they are instantly paid a $1.00 override commission. He just got paid for doing NOTHING! Even better, that same scenario pays FIVE LEVELS DEEP! And now, level five referrals pay as much as their direct referrals: $2.00!!

And the New feature from ClixSense: Premium members get paid 10% of the ad value for each ad their Premium first level downline members view! Note: To earn the additional commissions he must be a Premium ClixSense member. They will only be paid the downline clix commissions if "clix" made by members of their first level downline are also Premium members.

Let's take a look at what happens if you were to refer only five new members to and ONLY three of those members upgrade to a Premium account. We'll use the same scenario through all five levels:
Level Referrals Upgrades Commission

1 5 3 $6.00
2 25 15 $15.00
3 125 75 $75.00
4 625 375 $375.00
5 3125 1875 $3,750.00
Totals 3,905 2,343 $4,221.00

So, what are you waiting for. Join ClixSense by clicking the banner below and start making a forturne.

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