Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Top paying PTC sites

After having my worst experiences with most of the PTC sites, I thought it necessary to advise people about the real paying PTC sites. When I am saying real paying PTC sites, I mean the sites that are paying till date, cannot really say with full guarantee how long they will be paying, but right now they are paying and I think you should be assured of them paying for at least the next quarter, so make hay while the sun shines.

1. Neobux: Of course, the most trusted and successful PTC site of all time. You must join this if you really want to make some money on Internet. They pay instantly and without any hassles. You will not find any genuine complaints against them except for a few frustrated members whose accounts were deleted either due to violation of TOS or some dynamic IP addresses.

2. ClixSense: One of the oldest PTC sites on Internet and still paying without any non-payment complaints. They pay you only once a month as long as you reach a minimum of 10 dollars in your account. They send the check directly to your residential address and they offer the cheapest rate of upgrading amongst all PTC sites, only 10 dollars for a year. Plus, they have the referral schemes that goes 5 levels deep, so if you have a good social networking, you can earn a lot of money through this site. If you have not yet joined it, join it now.

3. Palmbux: My third best site on the list is Palmbux. Though they have been bombarded with their frustrated members (whose accounts have been deleted for violation of TOS) on a lot of forums, they have been successfully paying their members for almost a year now instantly. Their admin is honest and innovative who keep on trying to innovate to improve the site and up until now they have been managing the site very successfully. So, I highly recommend you to join the site and start earning money.

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