Monday, May 16, 2011

Facebook Tries to Malign Google

Remember the Coke versus Pepsi face off a few years back where both tried to bring down each other by mocking their ads.  Well, that was one of the most enjoyable corporate rivalry being seen on TV and was remembered for long, long time that how giving a humorous twist to the corporate rivalry can bring smile on the viewers' face.

But, Google versus Facebook, the two giants of Internet.  Facebook being perhaps the only company to give serious challenge to the invincible giant Google after not only making serious inroads into Google social networking flagship Orkut but in fact overtaking in the last year.  So, that was a feet achieved by Facebook which the world appreciated with clapping hands.
But, now the ugly turn to the rivalry events, where news broke out about Facebook hiring PR firms to try to plant stories severely criticizing Google's privacy policy.  In fact, they made some incredible offer to some leading bloggers to blog against Google and that was the move that serious backfired Facebook where a blogger not only declined the offer but went public revealing Facebook's sheepish intentions against the number one Internet player in the world and now Facebook has to get itself involved into some serious face-saving tricks.

Well, everybody wants to earn the top slot and so whatever Facebook did may be termed unethical but certainly not unprofessional and this debate between ethics and professionalism has been going since the advent of the mankind, but we would appreciate if Facebook brings some novel inventions to their website to increase its market share rather than taking the devilish shortcut routes.

Let's wait and watch how Google retaliates back.

© 2011 Ranjan Kumar

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