Sunday, May 15, 2011

Proud to be Speak Asian - Are They Really Proud?

Invest 11,000 rupess for a year and get back 52,000 rupees that means about 500% return in one that sounds grea.......t!!! Isn't it?

But, how???  The big question is how???

Their answer do survey and take home a fortune.

Now, that's easier said than done.  I can tell you by my own experience.  I have spent years trying to make a forturne by doing surveys and clicking ads and doing referral schemes.  But, in return, I have not been able to make even a couple of thousand bucks.

Then how come those Speak Asians are so proud of this great Singaporean company which has come from nowhere and now has become the household name thanks to an investigative exposure by the leading daily news channe Star News.

I would like to invite all those Proud Speak Asians to come in front and share their fortune-making stories so that would give me some idea how to make money doing suveys but first investin 11,000 rupees first.  If they are really proud being Speak Asian, we all are eagerly waiting to hear their stories.

So, come on friends, tell me how proud you are.

© 2011 Ranjan Kumar

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