Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shahrukh Haunted

The GAYLEvanising tornado is sweeping all the IPL teams off their feet but the GAYLEa effect that is haunting the most to anyone is the King Khan himself.  Remember the IPL auction in February of this year when no team was willing to buy the tall Jamaican more because of the KKR's Flop Show in the last three editions of IPL, but his late entry in Challengers through replacement not only brought back the RCB back into reckoning but now they are the first team to seal a place in the last four of the IPL Season 4.

The GAYLE Effect started giving sleepless night to King Khan in his very first entry at IPL Season 4 when he singlehandedly demolished the KKR by scoring a century and taking the match away from Kolkata in a whisker and since then there is no looking.  Seven wins on a trot since the Sleeping Giant joined RCB demolishing Shahrukh's men in his very first match and then again totally decimating the likes of Brett Lee and taking the match from the Kolkata in the very first two overs.

This Sleeping Giant is now giving sleepless nights to Shahrukh who was seen scratching his head yesterday seeing his old KKR opener destroying KKR like a pack of cards.  It seems like the BIG MAN is haunting the King Khan like every seconds of his days and he must be ruing himself for letting him go the Bangalore.

© 2011 Ranjan Kumar

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