Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Best PTC Sites

Tired of being scammed by PTC companies that don't pay or disappear after some time. Well, here is a guaranteed list of the PTC websites that have been time tested and paying without fault. Remember, all these PTC sites offer no more than 2 cents per ad and very limited ads available per day to click (from 4 to 10). So, how to earn with these PTC sites by earning a few cents a day. Well, you can earn a lot of money through these sites if you follow two basic rules:

1. Patience.

2. Strategic planning.

If you think PTC sites are just clicking the ads and earning in cents, then you are probably mistaken. The PTC sites requires a lot of patience and strategic planning if you are thinking of earning thousand of dollars. The site is designed to give you an insight about the best PTC sites on Internet, the strategies to follow to succeed, and a member forum to discuss your success stories.

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout no-minimum.com

MatrixMails - Get paid

Remember none of the above program is a Quick Get Rich program, but rather they all require a lot of patience and strategic planning to succeed. You must read the PTC success blogs and implement those strategies to succeed in PTC world.

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