Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to earn on Internet in 6 months?

If you put the above question on Google search box, you will probably get more than a million search results claiming to make you a millionaire in a month. But, are they really real money? The answer is yes and no. Yes, you can make a decent amount of money working on Internet for 1 to 2 hours. No, you cannot make that much money in a month. Online earning requires a lot of patience, strategies, and a proper guidance. So, if you are really game for some Internet bucks in your Paypal account, go ahead and read it carefully. The following strategies will definitely be able to make you a decent amount of money on Internet in the next 6 months.

1. First and the foremost step to earn money is to open an account on Paypal. Paypal is Internet's most popular and most trusted money transfer agent that is easy to operate and very efficient and very professional.

2. Once you have opened your account with Paypal, then you should give a thought to yourself where your true interest lies. If you have a flare for writing, blogging is a good option for you. In fact, even if you are not that much interested in writing, still I would suggest you to open your own blogging site. You can get one for free using Blogger platform. Just use your Google account and get yourself a blogsite of your own.

3. Why I pressed on the need for having your own site is because you need a place of your own on Internet to advertise yourself and build your referral chain. So, once you are done with setting up your own blogsite, start publicizing it through word of mouth publicity, IM, email, free classified sites, or whatever mode of advertising you can choose.

4. For bloggers, once your blog is about 3 months old and have at least 20 to 30 blogs, you should apply for an Adsense account as well as if you want to write some paid posts, apply to Blogvertise, Payingpost, Per Per Post, Buy Blog Reviews, Review Me, Sponsored Reviews and other paid blog advertising sites that pay you money to write for their products and advertisers. You can earn a fairly decent amount depending upon your blog quality.

5. Now, for bloggers as well as for those who don't have a flare for writing, PTC (paid to click) sites are a good option. Don't go for sites offering you 10 to 100 dollars reading a single email. Trust me, no advertiser in the world will give you even 10 dollars to see their website. Here, I will give you 3 genuine sites that offer 1 cent per click who have been paying for a long time and are considered the best in the business.

5. Remember, these PTC sites require a lot of patience and strategies to earn a decent amount of money from them. Once you have joined these 4 sites, keep clicking for at least 20 days and at the same time try to get yourself as many direct referrals as you can through your blogsite as well as your other trusted advertising ways. Once you have earned at least a dollar from each of these sites, use that money to rent referrals for a month, usually cost 30 cents for each referral for a month. Now each of your referral will give you at least 60 cents if you are a standard member and 120 cents if you are an upgraded member. Keep investing your daily earning into making your weekly rent referrals until you have reached a minimum of 1000 referrals, so that now you should be earning around 20 dollars from each of the four sites or 80 dollars a day. That will give you around 2400 dollars a month after about 6 months if you work on this strategy. From that point onwards, you can at least be sure of getting 2400 dollars a month if you keep playing the game with the same strategy.

So, what are you waiting for??? Why waste your 32 cents for today, join now and start working and earning from the very next moment. These 32 cents daily will transform into at least 80 dollars a day in the next 6 months. If you have any doubt, do leave me a comment.

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