Thursday, September 03, 2009

Neobux versus Buxwiz

Which is better??? Neobux or Buxwiz. The eternal question being asked in PTC industry. No doubt, Neobux is the best PTC site created ever and of course the most successful PTC site. Buxwiz has been modeled exactly on the Neobux, the same concept, the same amount of click, the same amount of click rate, and of course the referral scheme. So, why should one prefer Buxwiz over Neobux.

Well, I don't suggest you to choose one over other but rather go with each other together. If you are already earning a decent amount of money with Neobux, Buxwiz gives you an additional opportunity to earn extra using the same strategies, same patience and the same concept. It is an open truth that you can't earn lakhs with a PTC site, but if you combine Buxwiz and Neobux together and go with the same strategies as mentioned in my earlier blog, you are bound to earn quite a bit of money that will be able to pay your bills.

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