Tuesday, September 08, 2009

How cool is writing paid blogs???

I am pretty sure the title itself will raise many eyebrows particularly those bloggers talking about ethics and selling your soul and the so-called Google policymakers who hate paid blogging as much as Bin Laden hates Americans or a toddler hates the glass of milk. Much have already been written about this paid blogging stuffs, how Google reduced the Pagerank of those blogs featuring the Pay Per Post blogs, how the so-called ethical bloggers across the world yelling about selling your soul by writing paid blogs, and will give you the advice to try to earn thru Adsense and other advertising networks where you spend a full year waiting for someone to click on those Adsense ads to give you a few cents or converting those 1000 impressions into 1 cent. Come on, guys, tell me frankly is there anyone out there who has earned a decent amount from Adsense from their blog sites.

These frustrations made me inclined towards paid blogging and frankly speaking I have earned 100 dollars in the last 4 months by writing paid blogs and that has what made me think that paid blogging is really a cool thing to do, at least for me. I don't find anything wrong about writing paid blogs and it really does not give me any guilt feelings like selling my soul by writing a paid blogs. In fact, I find it an art to write about something you hardly know anything about. But, in order to accomplish my task, I read a lot about that particular topic which otherwise I would have never read and once I get the feel about the product then only I write about the product that is my version of the product. This in turn enhances my knowledge base about different products available in the world and when you get paid for knowing about those products, this comes as a bonus.

So, what's wrong with writing paid blogs? I mean, you get paid, earn money, increase your knowledge base, develop your skill set about writing blogs after getting rejected by admin maybe 10 times, and thus getting ready to take another challenge. This paid blogging is really a cool thing to do. Let Google oppose it all the time, but for me its really a cool thing to indulge in.

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