Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are Resveratrol Pills the best way to prevent aging?

The eternal French favorite for centuries, the ooh-la-la style of sipping those bloody red beverage, the very mention of the name of which gives the wine connoisseur across the globe a high, the RED WINE is now slated to change the life of the entire human being...thanks to a phytoalexin called Resveratrol. After studying for more than 16 years on the so-called French paradox that is that French despite a high fat diet and a very high consumption of wine have on average a very low incidences of heart disease compared to Americans. So, the scientists across the globe started researching on that magic product in the red wine the French love to sip so often and finally identified a substance called Resveratrol which they found not only beneficial in reducing heart ailments but also help in significantly extending life by preventing a large number of age-related diseases.

So, should we start drinking Red Wine everyday? The answer, according to the physicians, is no because though taken in moderate quantity, it is beneficial to heart, the alcohol content in wine makes it detrimental to use in the long term because alcohol increases triglycerides, one of the major contributors to one's developing heart disease. So, what to do? Well, take a Resveratrol pill like a
Revgenetics Resveratrol. These pills contain a high amount of Resveratrol in them slowing down the aging process and thus helping one in feeling more rejuvenated and younger. These pills claim to contain as much as 5 to 250 mg of Resveratrol per pill depending on the size and brand of the pill. Many companies across the globe are claiming to produce the best quality Resveratrol pills like Longevinex and Revgenetics and they are offering various sorts of discounts and coupon like Revgenetics Discount and Revgenetics Coupon.

The benefits of Resveratrol as claimed by the companies promoting this magic substance are end-less like,

* It is all natural, so no chemical or medical side effects.
* Provides a longer and healthier life.
* Makes one feel younger and stronger and rejuvenated.
* Treating against obesity.
* It helps to induce increased fat loss.
* Increases metabolism.
* Helps in treating and preventing diabetes.
* Prevention against cellular damage.
* Prevention against retinopathy.
* Prevention against kidney disease.
* Prevention against heart disease, myocardial infarctions, and stroke.
* Anti-inflammatory benefits.
* Prevents against developing and spreading of cancer cells.
* Decreases the risk of blood clotting.
* Helps prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

So, if all these factors are to be believed, we can certainly give us an extra decade of healthy old age by regularly using Reservatrol pills. Further studies are recommended before actually going for the pills, but if scientists are to be believed the pills are all beneficial and nothing to lose, but only go for the genuine branded products.

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