Friday, January 08, 2010

Get paid automatically, daily, no minimum payout

I think for the first time in PTC industry a site has come where you get paid automatically daily. Even if your earning is as low as 1 cent, you can get paid through Paypal. I was a bit skeptical before joining this program, but just to check the authenticity of the site, I joined it today in the afternoon and by night I got the email from Paypal that I have received money, though it was 2 cents only. Don't know for how long the same payout system will exist, but as long as it is there, I think one must try to earn as much as possible from this site.

So, don't wait any longer. Join today and check for yourself. I think this is really a good program (even better than Donkey Mail because you don't have to wait for the payout to reach). Here whatever you earn during the day, you get the very same day. Don't trust me, join the site, and check it yourself.

© 2010 Ranjan Kumar

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