Saturday, January 09, 2010

Great blog advertising techniques

In today's highly competitive world, to succeed on Internet one must learn to use the best available blog advertising techniques. The easiest thing to do in the world is to start a blog site, but the most difficult thing in the world is to get real visitors to your site and then be able to sustain them. To achieve this, one must try to look out of the box, not just traditional advertising techniques but to keep pace with the changing Internet advertising scenario.

The oldest and still the most reliable Internet advertising technique is the PPC technique basically originating from the stable of Google, the age-old Adwords, and likes like Adbrite, Adtoll, Bidsvertisers, Chitika, etc., where you pay Internet advertising company to show your banners and links on their advertising networks.

The similar one is to place your blog banner or pop-up or pop-under or links on other blog sites for some price and that too is very effective one but a bit costly.

The third advertising technique is link trading where one blogger gets into an agreement with other blogger to exchange their banners on each other sites, that method is the cheapest one, but not always the best because a higher page-ranked blog site generally prefers to link exchange with the similar high-traffic sites and so the negotiation part does not always work.

The latest one and perhaps the most effective advertising technique is paid blogging where you basically get paid for writing about other website or putting a link on your blog. The review can be neutral or positive based on the advertiser's preferences. This approach is considered the most effective one because here you have a real reader who is reading the review of your website on some other site and if the write-up is good enough, chances are always high that the reader will click the link to get to the site he is reading about.

So, these are some of the best and time-tested Internet advertising techniques which when used in combination gives the most effect result. Choice is yours, deal or no deal.

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