Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unable to download Skype!!!

Now this is the problem which I think everyone across the globe is getting while trying to download Skype. Problem occurred when I had uninstalled my Skype a few months back and needed to install it once again for some of my assignments. Went to Skype site, clicked on download, downloading started at a great speed around 40 KB/sec. The 1.6 MB of data downloaded in less than a minute and then it stopped downloading any further. Tried multiple attempts but in vein. Looked for all the possible resources and forums on Google, but still no luck. I think everybody is having the same problem. Then after Googling for another 10 minutes, found one link to download the full Skype version (22 MB file) and to my utmost surprise, the link worked. The link is from a site called Redbus. Don't know the problem with Skype people that you cannot download from their own site, but can download easily from some foreign site. Is it some kind of dirty game that Skype is playing here where they may be offering that particular site some great incentives to make you able to download from their site. Well, the answer I don't know, but still this whole process smells fishy to me. What say guys???

© 2010 Ranjan Kumar


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