Thursday, July 09, 2009

Emma Watson does a Marilyn Monroe

The much-hyped soon to be 20-year-old "Harry Potter" actress Emma Watson, considered too young to go on date with by Daniel Radcliffe" made many onlookers' heart to stop when her dress flew up to expose her nude-colored underwear beneath her beautiful designer gown. Thanks God, she was wearing something inside unlike many of her Hollywood counterparts who just dare to be bare minimum in their gown. Though this was an unconventional style statement by the 5 feet 6 inches tall goddess in the windy London premiere of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," the actress remained unphased by the incident and in fact handled the situation so graciously that many believed to thought that this was a very smart intentional maneuver from the lady to shed off her teenage girl image and be game to a a bit more risque. The wardrobe malfunction has certainly earned the lady one of the top searches on the search engine, so good start for Emma to walk out of the Harry Potter stable and be featured in more mainstream Hollywood movies.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

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