Saturday, July 18, 2009

Have you ever had sex with a prostitute?

This is the story of a bold new India. The newly launched "Sach Ka Saamna" or the Indian version of "Moment of Truth" on Star Plus is the program to watch for this season. If you ever wanted to make a confession in front of your own and the world, this is the time. Just check out the questions being asked to actor, Yusuf Hussain in front of his family, his daughter, his son-in-law, brother, current girlfriend, and ex-wife.

Host Rajeev Khandelwal asks him various questions related to the various aspects of his life. It starts with lighter one exploring his love for soft bed sheets available in 5-star hotels like has he ever stolen a bed sheet from a hotel to the question revolving around his personality and his constant need to seek attention to a more personal one.

Just look at this questions and Mr. Hussain's answers:
1. Are you embarrassed accepting your real age?
Yes was the answer.

2. Did you ever steal a blanket from a Hotel?
Yes is the answer.

3. Does it bother you if you don't recieve compliments often?

4. Are you still waiting for the girl of your dreams?
The question was being asked in front of his current girlfriend and ex-wife and the answer was yes.

Do you think that you could have done more to your family than just sending them money?
The question was skipped as his brother pressed the buzzer. So, the next question.

5. In your three marriages did you ever try to save at least one marriage?

6. Do you think that you were the best son to your mother?
With his brother sitting in front and the answer was yes.

7. If your father were alive would he be proud of you?

8. Do you believe that you third wife Kanchan married you only for your money?
Answer is yes with Kanchan siting in front of him.

9. Out of your 3 wives, who you was most close with?
None of them, was the answer.

10. Do you have a child outside the wedlock?
Answer is yes with his family sitting in front of him and the answer is supported by the reasoning that he had a couple of physical relationship with that lady and so he is not really sure if the the child is own or not but he accepts that he has an illegitimate child.

11. Have you ever had sex with a prostitute?
Yes, was the answer.

12. Did you ever have sex with a girl younger than your daughter's age?
Yes, was the answer.

There were a lot more questions apart from these. Just want to ask you one question, when was the last time in India you were asked one of these questions publicly. I mean, the format of show is very cool and compact and as it says world's simplest game and yet the most difficult one. You just keep telling truth and Rs. 1 crore is all yours. Is there any more easier way to earn 1 crore by just accepting your truth in front of the world, but still people falters and go back to 0 after having earned as much as 10 lakh rupees. I mean this is hard to understand that you know you will lose a fortune by just telling one lie and will earn a fortune by telling 25 truths and still you can't dare to be truthful. What does this mean. That you can't dare to say truth even if someone is willing to give you 1 crore rupees. That simply proves the fact that the most difficult thing to do in the world is to say truth. Up until now, one had thought that you can earn money only by telling lies and doing something wrong but here you can earn a fortune by just telling truth and people are not able to do so. Hope, someone is truthful enough to earn Rupees One Crore.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

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