Monday, July 27, 2009

Write prodcuct reviews and earn

One of the biggest companies in product reviews Epinions gives you opportunity to write reviews for the products and earn handsome amount of money. I personally write on this website like,

My favorite operating system.
Product Rating: Pros: Most user-friendly interface with a stylish look.
Cons: Most vulnerable to viruses and hackers.
The Bottom Line: All the PC users who have more than 180 GB hard disk, just go for XP Home Edition SP2 for its sleek look and sheer performance.

MTs need not beware of this software
Product Rating: Pros: Increased productivity, time saving, cost effective, and takes care of our health.
Cons: You cannot fire your transcriptionist.
The Bottom Line: My final recommendation is that every company should use this software to increase their overall productivity but should train their MTs to use this software efficiently.

So, guys if you think you can write a better review, please go ahead and use this website for your part-time earning.

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