Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao - Big Boss in Jungle

Yesterday, a new reality show (or should we say a new soap) started on Sony TV. You know, after seeing all those exciting promos before the launch I was really excited to see the show and was hoping to find some cool jungle adventure a la Discovery or Nat Geo style, but what a crap...It is just like they have set up a set in some garden (they claim it to be in Malaysia) and have put in some so-called celebrities (I wonder if anybody knows Ishq Bector or Palak or Mona Vasu) in their to survive on their own. The show is an Indianized version of popular British Reality show "I'm a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here!" But, to me it is just like wrapping the Big Boss content in a new foil and present to the audience as something new. The participants have been trained to create controversies like Anaida and Shweta Tiwari made in their own ways shouting for salts and gown. They have to perform certain tasks in order to earn food to survive, so Chetan Hansraj picks up stars out of snakes, fish intestines, and all those insects that just gives you a throw-up feeling as it comes exactly at your dinnertime and I am sure if you keep watching the show and continue to eat, you will end up throwing up all the cool stuffs you have eaten. The show has started with its share of skin show where Mona Vasu and Shweta Tiwari are being shown to take shower in open in the bare minimum. I think, our culture police is watching that also and soon we might see some political issues coming up and so the show is all set to garner enough publicity and thus will surely soar the TRP soon, but in my opinion we are going to witness the worst reality show on TV as the coming days will prove my apprehension and soon the show will be named "In Junglio se Mujhe Bachao."

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

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