Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sach ka Saamna opens up a new debate

As expected, Sach ka Saamna has opened up a new Pandora box thanks to our good old politicians who are never bothered to raise a question in the Question Hour about how to improve the condition of their constituency but always stand up in unison whenever it comes to the question of moral policing and telling the people what is good for them to see and what is not good for them. I mean how many times we keep hearing the same old thing, don't show hero lighting up a cigarette on celluloid or don't show kissing scene or don't wear Jeans and T-shirt in college...come on give us a break dear leaders. Why don't you rewrite the constitution and bring the country under martial law where we will do what you say, we will eat what you say, and we will see what you want us to see.

People like Mulayam Singh Yadav who earlier wanted to ban computers entirely in India now is hellbent to stop screening Sach ka Saamna because it is not good for Indian audience. What is wrong with the show??? I don't understand. They ask you questions which you have asked to tell, otherwise how would Rajeev Khandelwal would know whether I had a girlfriend in my college years who I wanted to sleep with... I mean you want to confess in front of your own if you had done something wrong in life then why our leaders have problem with that. These leaders keeps telling lies one by one and make crores of rupees and when someone is trying to make few lakhs by just saying truth...what's wrong with that. If someone is willingly trying to make some money by opening up some old chapters of his life...why should anyone have any problem with that.. and I am sure no one has any problem with the TV show but for those few leaders who want us to live our life the way they want to and not the way we want to...

Come on friends...give your opinion. Do you really want these leaders to tell us how we should live our life or should we do what we want to do???

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

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