Friday, June 19, 2009

After Bing, now Google services blocked in China

Just on my last post about ongoing Bing Vs Google battle, I had mentioned about a few services of Bing being banned in China and some Muslim countries and now China has banned a part of Google search services and ordering Google China to clear up some of the lewd contents before allowing it to function fully. China has world's largest population of Internet users and when it suspends the Internet giant to fully operate itself in China, it does come back as a setback for Google, already under intense pressure after the launch of Bing. In fact, Google, Inc., has taken very swift action in this regard and have issued a statement stating that it is working very hard to block all sorts of pornographic contents from reaching users through Google China. The crackdown has come from Chinese authority on Google after its failure to successfully implement filtering services for its search services to filter out all pornographic contents from reaching user, which Bing so effectively does. In fact, Google has also been asked to suspend searches for certain keywords that result in opening lewd contents on the browser. This is the third time in a year that Chinese authorities have warned Google to act upon its filtering services and I think it's time that Google pulls up its socks or it might lose the world's largest Internet population in coming days that might just start the greatest fall of the giant of Internet which it has so ruthlessly ruled for over a decade.

But this move by China comes as a surprise to many. Talking about Internet ethics from Chinese authorities is too big a pill to swallow. In fact, if one researches deep into the origin of Internet hacking, spamware, spyware, and all sorts of malicious viruses, he finds that most of these malicious worms originate from a Chinese IPs and the entire world has been battling hard to counter these Chinese menaces and now China is talking about Internet ethics...wat say guys. Well, Google must improve its filtering services to give us more decent search results but can we expect Chinese Internet watchdogs to take action against those virus originators also which crashes down more than a million PCs everyday across the globe. Let's hope so...

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