Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bing continues to grow steadily

Good news for Microsoft Network, but might not be as good for Google people. Bing has managed to grow steadily in the third week since its launch on May 25. The Decision Engine has managed to attract 16.7% of all search share on Internet against 15.8% the previous week and compared to 13.7% of search share in the very first week of gala Bing launch.

In fact, Microsoft is committed to further consolidate its position in the Internet search share which has been dominated by the big fish Google for more than a decade now. That is why, MSN has preferred to call it a Decision Engine rather than a Search Engine with some added features like E-commerce facility and ticket booking in just a few clicks, which gives it a definite edge over Google, which is till now silently watching Bing grow. But, Bing still has a long way to go, considering Google owns a very superior 65% search share followed distantly by Yahoo which has about 20% share and Microsoft at a very poor third at 8%. But, the launch of Bing has definitely succeeded in establishing a core edge in Search engine market share for Microsoft, which is very tactfully playing its game.

One of the tools Bing has added is SafeSearch whereby it allows user to block anything they find offensive to them. At the same time, Bing has been marred in controversy by allowing users to watch full-motion snippets of porn videos, which prompted China and some other Muslim countries to disable this function.

In any case, Microsoft has been able to generate enough curiosity in the market by launching Bing that they are very hopeful of giving Google and Yahoo a run for their own money in the future. So, best of luck to Bing and a word of advice to Google and Yahoo to do something great to cope with this cute menace called Bing.

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