Friday, June 05, 2009

Is Team India splitting?

Rumour mills are abuzz with the cotinued absence of Indian batting hero Sehwag from playing XI and Rohit Sharma doing wonders with his bat. Indian cricket team has always faced the problem of standoff between captain and vice captain whether Kapil-Gavaskar, Azhar-Sachin, Ganguli-Dravid, and now Dhoni-Sehwag. Dhoni being as cool as cucumber has been silencing the media with his smart replies to media questions regarding Sehwag fitness and his slot in the playing XI, but media has been smelling that all is not good in the resurgent Team India since Dhoni took over as captain and Sehwag as vice captain. There is a reported news of a big faceoff between the two stalwarts of Team India recently during a team meeting and Dhoni's press conference after the warm-up match too did not clear the air.

Well we just hope that Team India remains united and defend its title or we might see a big disappoinment in this T20 World Cup edition.

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