Sunday, June 21, 2009

Can Tigers be mauled by Green Hunters?

Today is the day that 2 Asian cricketing giants will once again try to prove their supremacy over each other after the third giant India missing the train in the Super 8's stage only. Lankan Tigers have been playing like anything and they are mauling everyone coming their way ruthlessly. The Green Hunters from Pakistan have finally managed to reach in front of the tigers after having a rather rollercoaster ride through a lot of hindrances but finally the hunters and tigers are opposite each other. It's a battle between Hunters' flair versus Tigers' agression or vice versa. If the hunters can get their acts together and shoot for the kill, there is no power in the world that can stop them from killing tigers, but even the slightest of error from hunters and the tigers will jump over you and then there is no way the hunters can save themselves. Hunters have in their armory the Sher "Afridi," Cool "Shoaib," perfectionist "Younis," maverick "Akmal," finisher "Misbah," and fiery "Gul". If they get going, Tigers can be mauled easily, BUT if any of them falters the likes of old fox "jayasuria," smiling assasin "Murali," dynamic "Dilshaan," magician "Mahela," superman "Sangakara," mysterious "Mendis," and melodramatic "Malinga" will prawl upon them and then it's Dooms Day for the Hunters.

Watch out for a maha entertainment that might just take one's breath away, BUT I think this match might be a one-sided affair where one of two teams will wilt under pressure soon at the beginning of the game and we might just see another lackluster match like the 2 semi-finals. If the two teams are able to take the match to the wires, then I think Pakistan will win that is for sure. My verdict for the game is if Lankans are going to win this match, they will win it very easily, BUT if Pakis are to win this match, this will be the most thrilling match one would have seen in the recent future. Reason I am saying this is because Pakistanis are the most exciting cricketers in the world, BUT at the same time they are of the most unpredictable sorts. They either play superb as a team or just fall like a pack of cards. So, if Tigers have to win, they just have to do one single thing, go out, bat first and go after Gul and Afridi from the very first ball or they will get on top and then you can't do anything. If you have to ball first, get Afridi first ball out and you will win easily but if they fail to do so, believe me Hunters will maul Tigers.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar

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