Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Search is sick, Bing is the cure - Bing Vs Google

After a decade of search engine monopoly, finally Google has a competitor and that too is from its old good rival Microsoft. Microsoft has launched its new search engine Bing in a very colorful manner and believe me you must use it to feel it. The very colorful appearance of Bing catches your eyes at once and you slowly start falling in love with it. Each time you open Bing, you will be greeted with a very soothing image in the background. In terms of search result, you might not find a significant difference, but yes Bing does look different in terms of its look. In fact, Bing was very carefully launched by Microsoft by first creating a euphoria sort of buzz about this new search engine that actually made a lot of people opening Bing on their browser on the very first day of the launch of Bing. In fact, Microsoft's magic line "search is sick, Bing is cure" made headlines in almost every newspaper across the globe and that resulted in over 1500 stories being written on Bing just the very next day after the launch.

Here, I show you how a search for Bing and Google looks on Google search engine.


- 13 JunBing is a search engine that finds and organizes the answers you need so you can make faster, more informed decisions.
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You can very clearly see, how Microsoft has so effectively used the word "Search engine" associating it with making faster, informed decision that you start believing that this is one search engine which is here with a purpose, which is here to give you a search result which is not only faster but the best one, which one needs. Thus, it is not only a "Search Engine," it is a "Decision Engine."

Google has been shaken by the launch of the very catchy Bing ads that are slowly catching up with the masses across the globe. In one ad, it shows that search is broken, people are suffering from search overload, this entire financial mess world is facing today could have been easily avoided had they not been screwing around with Google. They are not projecting Bing as a search engine but rather very smartly a "Decision Engine" which definitely creates an edge over Google at least in terms of projecting itself.

The another interesting ad is Bing Search Overload Syndrome ad with the catch line "You need a Decision Engine to cut through the clutter. Try Bing now!"

So, this "Decision Engine" Bing has slowly started giving nightmares to the "Search Engine" Google and its time Google comes up with something different to cope with this and I am quite hopeful that this search engine battle will be even more interesting than the cola war between Coke and Pepsi and be ready for Google counterattack which I am sure will come just in a few days from now.

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